Videos and photos from the event show women happily offering up their breasts to the handsome star.

Just last week, fans of Japanese actor and singer Takayuki Yamada were thrilled to hear he would be making an appearance at Shibuya’s iconic 109 shopping mall, measuring busts as part of a promotion for Co-medical’s range of Funwari Room Bras.

While some wondered whether this would be a controversial move for the well-known star, it turns out it was actually a stroke of marketing genius for the Japanese bra brand, as 3,000 people lined up from 5:00 a.m. in order to secure their chance of having Yamada size up their assets.

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. 【イベント開催中😍😍↓プレゼント抽選中🎁】 . 本日渋谷109 B2Fにてイベント開催中💕😍‼️ . この機会にぜひ‼️ 山田孝之さんにバスト測定してもらって あなたにぴったりのふんわりールームブラ✨を Getしてね😍💓💓💓 . . 17:00から🕔 #山田孝之先生のバスト測定 のハッシュタグをつけて会場の雰囲気などSNS投稿していただくと…🙆💓 . 山田孝之さん直筆クリアファイルに加え 限定ショッパーもプレゼント😍‼️ .
. . #ルームブラ #ふんわりルームブラ #roombra #アンジェリール #山田孝之先生のバスト測定 #下着 #ランジェリー #盛れる #育乳 #補正ブラ

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The marathon event, which ran from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., saw the 34-year-old star fastidiously measuring the underbust area of a wide variety of participants, who all seemed titillated by the company’s prior warning that “breasts may be touched inadvertently during the measuring process“.

As the event got underway, Yamada live-streamed some of his bust-measuring prowess to fans via Japan’s me&stars shopping app. He can be seen holding his hands up to his face after measuring each participant, to hide their clothing from view so he can give them a colour recommendation out of the black, white, pink or blue “room bra” sets on sale at the event.

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渋谷109にて開催された、ふんわりルームブラ @roombra のイベントにて❤️❤️❤️ イベント前のメディア向けの撮影で、山田孝之さん @takayukiyamadaphoto とこうして並ぶことができて光栄でした😭👏✨✨✨ ふんわりルームブラはたくさんカラーバリエーションもあって着心地の良さも抜群で大人気なので、ぜひ皆さん試してみてくださいね💕 #ルームブラ #ふんわりルームブラ#roombra #アンジェリール #山田孝之 #山田孝之先生のバスト測定 #盛れる #補正ブラ #渋谷 #shibuya #109 #cyberjapan #cyberjapandancers #サイバージャパン #watanabesisters #渡辺シスターズ #かなへぇ #かずへー

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Yamada and other staff members were dressed in special shirts that made it look as if they were wearing the room bra sets, compete with cleavage included.

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今日は109のイベントに行ってきました〜😍 大人気のふんわりルームブラ @roombra に、これまた大人気の山田孝之様 @takayukiyamadaphoto がバスト測定してくれるという超素敵イベントでした😆💕 姉ageha @aneageha のモデルもみんなで山田様とオソロのルームブラTシャツで🤣💓 リアルに普段から愛用してる商品だし、さらにテンション上がった💗 楽し過ぎる時間でした✨☺️✨ あー やっぱりカッコよかったなぁ😭 実は私の中の死ぬまでに会ってみたい人の3人に入ってた山田様。 夢が1つ叶いました👼 緊張し過ぎてただただジッとガン見する事しか出来なかったチキンな私のバカ…👀👀👀👀👀 本当に素敵な時間をありがとうございました💗 #ルームブラ#ふんわりルームブラ#roombra#アンジェリール#山田孝之先生のバスト測定

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Despite 3,000 people lining up for the event, Yamada was only able to measure a certain number of busts per hour, which meant only 300 people were lucky enough to receive a ticket to participate.

▼ This person received a ticket for the 2-3 pm. slot.

This young woman says that despite catching the first train in the morning, she wasn’t able to meet the star as the reception for the event closed after the limited number of tickets were given out by 5:50 a.m.

For those who did make it inside, there was a photo wall, where participants were encouraged to share photos with the hashtag #山田孝之先生のバスト測定 (#YamadTakayukiSenseisBustMeasurement).

And while most of the participants were women, men were also allowed to take part in the bust-measuring affair, as long as they were accompanied by a female partner.

Yamada acted like a professional tailor and stylist throughout his 7-hour shift, measuring busts, shaking hands and matching up colours to suit individual participants.

According to me&stars, Yamada was exhausted after the event. As it turns out, measuring busts all day isn’t as glamorous as it seems!

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お疲れ様でした‼️ 1日中バスト👙を測っていた、#山田孝之 から一言 💁🏻‍♂️ . . ————————— 今回多くの方々と"触れ合える"貴重な場を設けて頂きシーオーメディカルさんには大変感謝しております。300人弱のバストを測定した私は今、瞬時に女性を脳内で下着姿にする力を手に入れました。本当に、本当にありがとうございます。バンザイふんわりルームブラ。ありがとうふんわりルームブラ。 ————————— . . 今回の #山田孝之の1日受付 は後日 #ミースタ アプリから #プレミアム体験動画 として配信予定 ‼️. 色んな事を想像してお待ちください❤️ 💦 . #meandstars #ふんわりルームブラ測定受付 #山田孝之先生のバスト測定

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According to Co-medical, a portion of the sales from the day will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, which provides financial support to breast cancer charities. Given the enormous popularity of the promotion, it might well pave the way for other celebrities to follow suit, and if they’re looking for a new venue, Tokyo’s Breast Slash Cafe might be the answer.

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