Takayuki Yamada

Thousands of people line up in Shibuya to get their bust measured by famous Japanese actor 【Pics】

Videos and photos from the event show women happily offering up their breasts to the handsome star.

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Famous Japanese actor set to measure busts at bra campaign event in Tokyo

Participants are being warned that “breasts may be touched inadvertently during the measuring process“.

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Sony Japan’s Batman: Arkham Knight ad is a wonderful kind of stupid

On July 16, Batman: Arkham Knight will finally be released for the PS4 in Japan. This game is unlike its other Batman: Arkham series predecessors in that it will be dubbed into Japanese.

A new commercial for the game starring actor Takayuki Yamada just began airing this past Sunday. We thought we’d share it with you since the video includes all kinds of dorkly fun that makes the snot-nosed, starry-eyed five-year-olds inside of us weep for joy.

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