This new crowdfunding project proves there really is a fetish for everything.

VR has been advancing in leaps and bounds throughout recent years, pushing the boundaries of amusement park rides, enhancing video games, and letting us rub shoulders with geisha and samurai.

However, if there’s one thing the virtual reality experience is most often used for, it’s bringing fantasies to life in front of your eyes, making the impossible virtually possible, sometimes in the strangest of ways.

Case in point is this new project, from a self-confessed “woman’s-legs-straddling-a-bicycle-seat lover“, who’s decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign to help fund his dream of filming and sharing 100 VR videos dedicated to this particular fetish.

As you can see from the trial VR clip provided, the new videos aim to put the viewer in between the saddle and the handlebars, in a strategic position that also provides you with a 360-degree view.

According to the project details, this test video was created using a cheap VR camera taped to the middle section of a borrowed bicycle. To get the full experience, viewers are advised to wear VR goggles while watching the video.

The filmmaker is hoping to raise 1.01 million yen (US$8,986.83) to create 100 videos, with 250,000 ($2,252.50) yen being used to purchase VR camera equipment and the rest used for things like editing and payment for the models and their clothing.

▼ We can’t help but wonder if all the videos will come with a polite bow from the rider, like this one.

A tweet from their official Twitter account lists all the different returns available for patrons: For 3,000 yen ($26.70), you get to view the preliminary VR video, for 5,000 yen you get to choose which model to watch on the bicycle, and for 10,000 yen you get to view the new 2018 edition of the VR video.

If you’ve got money to burn, 20,000 yen gets you an advertisement in the video and the option to appear in it, while 30,000 yen lets you choose the model and her clothing, and 40,000 yen lets you customise the saddle, model and clothing in the video to your liking.

▼ The rider’s face is pixelated throughout the test clip but funds will change that.

The campaign, which is currently up on Yahoo! Japan’s PassMarket site, began on 8 July and will run until 1 September. While it’s too early to tell how sought after these videos will be, with a dedicated Fetish VR video series site set up for the project, it looks like this may well be just the tip of the saddle for more VR fetish videos to come.

Source: FVR Tokyo via Kai-You
Images: Vimeo/フェチVR動画