Note Mama is ready to give liquid nourishment in exchange for a huge wad of cash.

Japanese virtual YouTuber Note Takehana has the sort of anime aesthetic that’s become the norm for such performers, with her eye-catching hair color, blushing cheeks, and buxom proportions all par for the otaku-oriented course. Likewise, the organizers of her crowdfunding campaign on website Makuake largely went the orthodox route as far as reward tiers go.

A modest 3,000-yen (US$27) contribution, for example, gets you a letter of thanks and a notebook decorated with Note’s likeness. Open your wallet a bit wider, and you’ll receive character key chains and tickets to fan events, and climbing the rewards ladder all the way to the 50,000-yen rung earns you an alarm clock with a personalized wake-up message from Note, who calls you by name as she beckons you out of slumber.

But the campaign’s target is an ambitious three million yen (US$27,000), to be used to create a full 3-D CG model of the character with a greater range of animation and expression than her current render, which will be used for TV and event appearances. The organizers knew they’d have to offer something extra special to reach that goal, and so at the very top of the rewards list is a bundle that includes a session where Note feeds you a bottle of breast milk.

▼ The crowdfunding campaign’s promotional video

Since Note, who’s nicknamed “Note Mama” by fans, doesn’t actually have a physical form, the unusual beverage service takes place through virtual reality, with the fan being given a “virtual breast milk bottle.” The campaign’s organizers are being coy regarding exact details, but ostensibly the backer will be given a bottle of milk to suck on while watching a video in which Note Mama provides the liquid nourishment.

The specific mention of a bottle implies that even within the VR environment, the visuals won’t go so far as to have the participant sucking directly on Note’s breasts. At the same time, it certainly seems like the activity is being set up in such a way as to allow the fan to imagine that Note herself personally produced the milk that’s being drunk.

So how much are the organizers asking for this ground-breaking VR innovation? A cool one million yen (US$9,000). Oh, and that’s exclusively and explicitly for the breast milk VR session; no other reward items or services are included in the one million-yen tier.

Perhaps assuming that virtual nursing is an activity with an extremely narrow appeal, the organizers are offering the one million-yen tier to only one backer. However, they’ve already found a taker, leaving us unsure if we should say they had too little or too much faith in Note Mama’s fan community.

Thanks to that one million-yen injection, the campaign has since met its goal. It’s still going on, though, with all non-breast-milk tiers still available in unlimited quantities on the campaign site here.

Source: Makuake via IT Media
Images: Makuake
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