Set to open this winter, the ride takes fans on an adventure through multiple worlds from the Final Fantasy video game franchise.

Since its first Universal Cool Japan collaboration in 2015, Universal Studios Japan has teamed up with some pretty momentous works of Japanese fiction, including anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and Attack on Titan. But the Osaka theme park recently welcomed its most internationally successful partner ever to the Universal Cool Japan family with the announcement that the Final Fantasy video game series will be part of the 2018 festivities.

This week, USJ gave fans a better idea of what to expect by revealing that the Final Fantasy attraction will be called the Final Fantasy XR Ride. A mixed VR/roller coaster experience, guests will board airships, the series customary means of long-distance air transportation, and embark on an adventure that has them warping between multiple Final Fantasy worlds, encountering heroes and harrowing situations along the way.

Front and center in the ride’s promotional image is Cloud, moody protagonist of franchise favorite Final Fantasy VII. Flanking him are fellow stern-faced sword-swingers Squall and Lightning (Final Fantasy VII and XIII), along with heavy-hearted redemption-seeker Terra and old-school hero Warrior of light (Final Fantasy VI and I). Finally, there’s some levity at the outside edges with Tidus and Zidane (Final Fantasy X and IX), which suggests that at least seven of the 15 mainline Final Fantasy games will be highlighted.

USJ previously used its XR ride facility for an attraction based on Evangelion and pop star/fashion icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Since riders are outfitted with VR headsets, you probably shouldn’t expect extreme speeds, loops, or other intense motion, but the visuals are sure to be amazing, since they’re being produced by Final Fantasy developer Square Enix’s own in-house CG team Visual Works, who’re responsible for the jaw-dropping cut scenes that have become a series staple.

And if you prefer your Final Fantasy art hand-drawn, you’ll be happy to know that celebrated artist Yoshitaka Amano, Final Fantasy’s first character designer and recurring cover artist contributor, has created a gorgeous, brand-new logo for the ride.

The Final Fantasy XR Ride is scheduled to open on January 19.

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Images: PR Times

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