If nothing gets you hot like food-preserving levels of cold, the Rubbing Tengu is for you.

Ligre Japan makes no bones about what it’s mission is. The company is all about the customer’s sexual satisfaction, even if the customer has to reach that satisfaction all by himself.

Ligre has recently unveiled its newest product: the Rubbing Tengu. Tengu are raven-winged creatures that show up in Japanese folktales, but it seems like their inclusion in the product name is because of their protruding, arguably phallic-shaped noses.

▼ Tengu

The company boasts that the Rubbing Tengu goes beyond the capabilities of its high-profile rival, the handheld Tenga, by being the “industry’s first wearable masturbatory aid.” Made out of absorbent and pliant material, the Rubbing Tengu looks like a prosthetic penis, which the user slides his member into after filling it with his desired amount of lotion. There’s even a pouch the user’s testicles are nestled in, and Ligre boasts that the fit is secure enough that no liquid will leak out nor will the Rubbing Tengu slip off accidentally, no matter how vigorously the wearer shakes it around.

▼ A Ligre employee shows off the elastic nature of the product.

But what’s most startling is the cheerfully voiced narration in the product’s definitely not-safe-for-work demonstration video (which can be found here), which explains:

“Just slide your penis in, and rub it wherever you like! Rub it on your pillow, your desk, your keyboard, your refrigerator, or your door!”

With Japan’s extensive selection of sexy huggy pillows (some perhaps outfitted with Ligre’s own pillow panties),  and the Internet being the preferred distribution system for fapping fodder for society at large, it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to assume that many Rubbing Tengu wearers will be using the product in close proximity to their bed or PC. The concept of someone being so consumed with lust that they have to get it on with their fridge or interior door, though, is legitimately terrifying, and cause to think twice about going over to dinner at a Rubbing Tengu fan’s home.

Most shocking of all, though, is the video’s assertion that since the wearer essentially puts the Rubbing Tengu on like a special kind of underwear, it could theoretically be worn under one’s clothes, and with its purported liquid-tight fit, used anywhere. “You can even wear it when going out in public,” the narrator happily says, adding “A new style of masturbation begins!”

▼ A model demonstrates the stealthy nature of the Rubbing Tengu, which he’s currently wearing.

It’s a disturbing scenario, especially since at just 3,241 yen (US$29), the Rubbing Tengu isn’t a cost-prohibitive investment for interested parties. Hopefully, purchasers will show some restraint and limit their use to the privacy of their own homes or other environments where everyone is OK with them taking a moment for their unique brand of me-time.

Source: Ligre Japan via Otakomu, YouTube/リグレジャパン
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Insert images: Wikipedia/Amcaja, YouTube/リグレジャパン