The self-loving products manufacturer goes above and beyond in customer service.

Tokyo-based Tenga has earned international acclaim for the quality of its masturbatory aids, which include an array of manhood receptors and lotions. But while the company seeks to make self-pleasuring as pleasurable as possible, customers are usually on their own as far as what to fantasize about while using Tenga products.

This summer is an exception, though, as the company has just announced the Go! Go! Tengirls Campaign.

One randomly selected winner will receive a Tenga prize package, which will include three masturbatory receptors and a container of the new menthol treated summer-limited Tenga Play Gel Ice Cool. The real draw, though, is that the prizes will be personally delivered by the Tengirls, a team of four women in bikini tops and hot pants, who will also perform a dance routine for the winner.

According to the official website, the winner may choose to have the Tengirls bring the prizes to his home, or to a non-commercial gathering, such as a birthday or going-away party, which seems like it would require some rather accepting social acquaintances. To enter, you’ll first need to follow the official Tenga Twitter account and retweet the message
“「GO GO TENGIRLS キャンペーン!あなたの自宅にクールテンガをお届け」応募! #COOLTENGA2017 #GOGODANCER” so you may want to set up a dummy Twitter account if you’re not keen on broadcasting your fondness for Tenga to all of your followers. You’ll also need to fill out an application form, the link for which can be found here on the official campaign website.

Applications are being accepted between now and June 19. Once a winner has been chosen, the Tengirls will come on a mutually agreed-upon date in July or August. Meanwhile, the winner, after the Tengirls leave, may come at his leisure.

Source: IT Media
Images: Tenga