Fluffy add-ons seem like they’d make the pillows less comfortable for sleeping, yet better equipped for their primary purpose.

Making anime huggy pillows might seem like an easy line of work. Take a picture of a sexy anime girl, slap it on a pillow case, and offer it for sale. While you’re watching your revenue roll in, keep an eye on what new aesthetic trends are making their way through anime fandom (heterochromatic eyes, monster girls, or what have you), then offer a new design that incorporates those elements.

But being such a simple business model means you’ve got to try extra hard to stand out from your competitors, which brings us to retailer Animaru’s plan to stay ahead of the curve by adding curves (of the boob-type) to its anime pillows.

Animaru’s set includes a dual-sided illustrated cover of a scantily clad anime lass and a pair of pads to be inserted into the case, positioned under the drawing of her chest. Customers can choose not only between a 150-centimeter (59-inch) or 160-centimeter length cover, but also between three breast sizes, small, medium, or large (8, 10, or 12 centimeters in diameter, respectively) to suit individual preferences.

▼ A representation of the body types Animaru claims each pad size simulates.

The bundle of pillowcase and breast pads is priced at 14,040 yen (US$125) (pillow itself to be purchased separately). A total of nine different designs are being offered, including, naturally, one featuring Japan’s fabled “virgin-killing sweater.”

The entire lineup can be purchased here, with an order deadline of 5 p.m., February 14 (so if your Valentine’s Day date flakes out on you before dinner, you can take 2-D solace). No word yet on whether the breast pads are compatible with Japan’s moaning, spreadable-legs, or giant-sized anime huggy pillows.

Source: Animaru via Otakomu via Anime News Network/Lynzee Loveridge
Top image: Animaru
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