Sakura season is just around the corner, and Lipton will help you prepare.

Starbucks may have taken the lead on getting us all pumped up for early blossoms with their Spring 2019 sakura series, but other brands are starting to make announcements for drinks, food, and more that are just as exciting.

Joining this year’s sakura goods lineup is Lipton with Sakura Milk Tea. Starting on February 19, it will be available throughout Japan (except Okinawa). It’s supposed to taste like the original Lipton Milk Tea with a refreshing touch of cherry blossoms.

▼ For just 135 yen (US$1.22) you can enjoy an early taste of spring.

Aside from the special flavor, it also features a festive package. The carton is dominated by a pale pink color and delicate cherry blossoms surround the Lipton logo. It definitely has Instagram potential!

Netizens have been reacting to the upcoming drink on social media, and they seem just as excited as us.

“I like how this is taking the initiative on spring.”
“Just looking at it makes me feel refreshed.”
“This is one of those drinks that I know won’t taste good but will still buy every year.”

We can’t vouch for the taste (yet), but we think the packaging alone makes Lipton’s Sakura Milk Tea worthy of putting on your Spring 2019 bucket list. If you want to try it out, though, you only have until this spring to enjoy it, so make sure o grab a carton or two if you’re heading out to a hanami party!

Sources: Entabe, PR Times
Top image: Pakutaso
Inset image: PR Times