Cherry blossoms bloom across sweets, drinks, mugs, and leather accessories this hanami season.

With the February 3 festival of Setsubun marking the day before spring according to the old Japanese calendar, the warmer months and springtime cherry blossoms are now firmly set in our sights.

One of the best places to admire the blossoms is at Starbucks, where the drinkware and menu items are awash with pretty pink hues at this time of year. Now, the coffeehouse chain has unveiled their sakura range for the upcoming season at the Tokyo Roastery, an appropriate place to kick off celebrations as this multi-storey location sits alongside the Meguro River, a famous hanami cherry blossom viewing spot lined with sakura trees.

The sakura celebrations start on the ground floor (or the first floor, as it’s known in Japan), at the Princi Bakery. Here, you’ll find limited-edition springtime delights like the Sakura Torta (702 yen [US$6.87] for eat-in), the Sakura Maritozzo (462 yen), and the Sakura Cornetti (462 yen), which all contain the taste of cherry blossoms in their icing and cream, and the Loaf Cake (638 yen), which gets its pink hues from raspberries and dried cherries.

▼ Prices are cheaper for takeout, and these are available at other Princi locations and Reserve stores in Tokyo, and the NeWoman Yokohama branch as well.

▼ In addition to the sweets, there’ll be a gorgeous array of drinks on the menu.

The Sakura Macchiato, topped with strawberry cream, is available at the Main Bar on the first floor of the Roastery for 990 yen (all prices are for eat-in, with takeout options priced slightly lower).

Then at the Teavana Bar on the second floor, you can choose from a wide selection of pink-hued drinks.

▼ Sakura Jasmine Soy Latte (935 yen)

The following drinks are only available for dine-in customers.

Sakura Allure Cascade (1,045 yen)

Strawberry Chia Oolong (990 yen)

Teavana Cream Soda Sakura (990 yen)

Cassis Liqueur Customisation (additional 110 yen)

Up at the Arriviamo Bar on the third floor, you’ll find:

Teavana Spritzer Sakura Allure (1,980 yen, dine-in only)

Sakura Allure Tea Soda (1,650 yen dine-in, 1,620 yen takeout)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the gorgeous sakura goods collection for 2022.

1. Pleated Mug Sakura White 355 millilitres (12 ounces) (3,300 yen)
2. Pleated Mug Sakura Pink 355 millilitres (3,300 yen)
3. Stainless Steel Tumbler Facet Sakura 473 millilitres (4,840 yen)
4. Handle Glass Sakura 355 millilitres (3,080 yen)
9. Leather Sacoche Pink (13,200 yen)
10. Leather Mini Wallet Pink (9,680 yen)
12. Leather Key Holder Green Sakura 2022 (3,630 yen)

All the products listed above are available at the Tokyo Roastery and online, apart from the Leather Sacoche and Mini Wallet, which are only available in-store.

5. Mug Sakura 296 millilitres (3,300 yen)
6. Stainless Ring Bottle Sakura 250 millilitres (4,180 yen)
7. Stainless Ring Bottle Sakura 500 millilitres (5,060 yen)
8. Double Wall Glass Sakura 296 millilitres (3,630 yen)
11. Small Tote Pink (2,640 yen)
13. Leather Key Holder Pink Sakura (3,630 yen)
14. Tohoku Cotton Hand Towel Sakura (1,980 yen)

The products listed above are available at the Tokyo Roastery, as well as online and at Starbucks Reserve branches in Tokyo and at the NeWoman branch in Yokohama.

The sakura goods, drinks and sweets will be available from 15 February until sold out, so be sure to get in quick if something there has caught your eye. And if you time it right, you’ll be able to enjoy your sakura treats beneath the cherry blossoms, which are set to bloom early again, according to this year’s sakura forecast.

Source, images: PR Times
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