Lipton releases new bubble tea ice cream bar with tapioca pearls in Japan

Filled with boba that stays chewy even when frozen.

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Lipton to release Sakura Milk Tea for cherry blossom season!

Sakura season is just around the corner, and Lipton will help you prepare.

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Feeling cold? Relax over a hot cup of fragrant sakura tea from Lipton!

A uniquely Japanese tea flavor will be available this spring from Lipton — sakura!

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Suntory comes out with sweet Lipton tea drink for Halloween — the Pumpkin Tea Latte!

With Halloween just around the corner, we seem to be virtually surrounded by pumpkins here in Japan. Not surprisingly, in addition to the usual pumpkin ornaments and decorations on display, we’re seeing a sudden increase in pumpkin flavored foods and sweets as well.

Japan has gotten into the Halloween spirit to such an extent this year that you can buy limited edition pumpkin-flavored tea in a bottle at supermarkets and convenience stores. And when a beverage involves not only pumpkin but tea from Lipton and a cute Halloween label to boot, well, let’s just say it gives us a lot to be happy about!

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Limited edition Lipton’s iced tea-scented pens to go on sale

Japanese stationery company Zebra is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their Sarasa Clip pens, which is why they have teamed up with world-famous tea maker Lipton to launch a unique line of ball-point pens. Coming 19 September are 10 pens each with the aroma of a different flavor of Lipton iced tea sold in the Japanese market.

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