Two different ranges with totally different blossoms and colour tones.

Now that Starbucks has revealed their Japan-exclusive sakura drinks for this year’s cherry blossom season, the global coffeehouse chain is giving us a sneak peek at their limited-edition range of seasonal drinkware as well.

The sakura drinkware range for 2019 comes in two collections, with the first one based around a “cold” theme, given it will become available just before the buds open in spring. With 21 items in the first range, this is one of their biggest releases to date, and this year they’re offering goods that aren’t in the drinkware category as well.

1 Clear Blossom Bottle (500ml) 2,100 yen*
2 Blue Bottle (355ml) 2,000 yen
3 Petal Tumbler 473ml) 2,000 yen
4 Petal Slim Handy Stainless Bottle (400ml) 4,300 yen
5 Grace Handy Stainless Bottle (500ml) 4,500 yen
6 Flying Petal Double-Walled Stainless Bottle (355ml) 3,500 yen
7 Grace Double-Walled Stainless Bottle355ml) 3,600 yen(available online only)
8 Layered Covered Stainless Bottle (355ml) 3,900 yen
9 Matte Pink Stainless Logo Bottle (473ml) 4,100 yen
10 Pink Bottle (355ml) 2,000 yen (available online only)
*All prices exclusive of tax

11 Sakura Shape Double-Walled Glass (237ml) 2,400 yen (available online only)
12 Clear Drop Double-Walled Glass (237ml) 2,400 yen
13 Blossom Stainless ToGo Logo Tumbler (355ml) 3,600 yen
14 Blossom Stainless Mug (355ml) 2,800 yen
15 Grace Mug (355ml) 2,100 yen
16 Stationery Pouch 2,000 yen
17 Nakameguro Journal Book 1,900 yen
18 Journal Book 1,900 yen
19 Blossom Beverage Card 620 yen
20 Nakameguro  Beverage Card 620 yen
21 Nakameguro Mug (355ml) 1,500 yen

As always, these items are only available in limited quantities and are so sought after they often sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. If you miss the items in the first collection, though, you’ll have another chance to stock your cupboards with cherry blossom tumblers when the “Sunlight” collection hits stores.

1 Gloss Stainless Create Your Tumbler (473ml) 2,900 yen
2 Breeze Pink Stainless Tumbler (355ml) 3,500 yen
3 Colourful Tumbler (355ml) 1,800 yen
4 Double-Walled Sunny Bottle Dancing (473ml) 2,500 yen
5 Lively Stainless Bottle (480ml) 4,600 yen
6 Bright One-Touch Stainless Bottle (450ml) 4,400 yen
7 Charm Tumbler Vivid Pink (355ml) 1,900 yen
8 Colourful Stainless Tumbler (355ml) 3,500 yen
9 Nakameguro Glass (384ml) 1,300 yen
10 Embossed Line Mug (355ml) 2,000 yen (available online only)

11 Bright Pink Mug (355ml) 2,100 yen
12 Breeze Stainless Tumbler Ivory (355ml) 3,500 yen (available online only)
13 Blanket and Case 2,300 yen
14 Coaster Set 1,900 yen
15 Double-Walled Stainless Bottle Dancing (355ml) 3,500 yen (available online only)
16 Bloomy Handy Stainless Bottle (400ml) 4,300 yen
17 Silicon Lid Stainless Cup Charm (355ml) 3,100 yen
18 Petals Mug (355ml) 1,500 yen

While we get to enjoy sakura-themed Starbucks tumblers, cups, glasses and travel mugs every cherry blossom season, this is the first time we’ve seen blankets and journals in the collection. The first series will be on sale from 15 February, while the second collection will be on sale from 25 February, until stocks sell out.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan