Because Japan loves to enjoy cherry blossom season even before the flowers are here.

If you’re not already pumped for sakura season, don’t worry. Shake Shack Japan will get you in the mood. They’ve unveiled three different sakura-themed drinks to be sold between February 10 and April 15. And if you’re not into shakes, there’s a non-shake drink in the mix!

▼ Here’s the first drink. We’re already tingling with excitement!

First off, they’re offering two different shakes that were a huge hit in 2019. The first one to be offered is the Shack-ura Shake, which is made with a frozen custard base that’s mixed with milk and sakura-flavored syrup. It has just a hint of saltiness that’s mellowed out by the gentle vanilla and sakura flavors.

The shake will be offered in a small size for 540 yen (US$5.11) or a regular size for 710 yen. This particular flavor is only available between February 10 to March 17 or until supplies run out, so if you want this early taste of spring, you’ll have to act soon!

▼ This next shake packs a bit more of a punch.

The Cherry & Shack-ura Shake is back, too! If you need a bit of a refresher, this is the version of the Shack-ura Shake that has the extra sweet-sour flavor of cherry puree mixed in.

Since it will be offered right around the time cherry blossoms are predicted to bloom in Japan–March 17 to April 15–it should taste as festive as the sakura season. The addition of the cherry puree drives up the price slightly to 590 yen for a small shake and 760 yen for a regular one.

▼ And for the grand finale, here’s the new kid in town.

Shake Shack Japan’s final sakura season drink isn’t even a shake; it’s lemonade! This Shack-ura Lemonade is a mixture of tart lemonade, sweet cherry puree, and delicate sakura flavoring. With its deep pink color and sakura-themed cup, it’s definitely Instagram-worthy.

The lemonade is available for the full season of February 10 to April 15, so you can get this baby again and again. It’s only available in one size for 520 yen. This drink, along with the other two shakes, are available at all 12 Shake Shack branches in Japan.

So, how will you enjoy the sakura season? With a pre-emptive shake, an in-season shake, or a refreshing lemonade? There’s certainly enough to try all three along with your growing list of sakura-themed treats to try in 2021.

Source, images: PR Times
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