This uniform will keep you cool and comfortable like a Japanese shadow warrior from the Edo period.

With the Tokyo Olympics now just over a year away, preparations are progressing in earnest for the big event. Advance ticket lottery applications have been submitted by Japanese residents, Tokyo Mayor Yuriko Koike has unveiled her heat umbrella-hat prevention measure for spectators at the games, and some of the 186,000-plus people who applied to be volunteers are now attending orientation sessions in the lead-up to the 24 July opening ceremony.

▼ Tokyo 2020 volunteer uniforms.

One thing these volunteers will need to orient themselves with is how to cope with the intense heat of a Japanese summer, especially while outside in packed venues under the glare of the midday sun. And while the western-style volunteer uniforms incorporate modern fabrics and graphics into their design, one creative Twitter user has an even better idea for an ideal uniform, drawing on inspiration from the outfit of a ninja warrior.

According to @kuku_hayate, the illustrator who came up with the design idea, this ninja outfit has a number of features that are well-suited to the needs of an Olympics volunteer. On the right-hand side of the image, he points out the following:

  • Bamboo hat
  • Hemp Towel Scarf (can be torn for use as a bandage when required)
  • Lightweight basket body bag filled with emergency items
  • Bamboo tumbler
  • Sarouel pants to provide good ventilation
  • Tabi split-toe shoes to prevent fatigue

Then, on the left-hand side of the image, we have:

  • Undershirt made from cotton or hemp for good ventilation
  • Long gloves (often worn by women in Japan in summer to prevent sunburn while cycling)
  • Smartphone and map in waist pouch
  • Leggings designed to prevent swelling

All these features really do sound like they’d be ideal for an Olympic Games volunteer. And given that Mayor Koike recently unveiled the Tokyo 2020 umbrella hat, which resembles the bamboo hats once common in Japan, the ninja uniform seems like a stroke of genius that the official design committee missed out on.

▼ When volunteers add an umbrella hat to their outfits, they don’t look all that dissimilar to a ninja or wandering samurai.

While the ninja design looks awesome, unfortunately it looks highly unlikely that any of the ideas here will be incorporated into the official uniform. Still, for volunteers wanting to add some shinobi spirit to their shift, there’s always this set of ninja hand symbols to keep your mind acute and your energy levels up throughout the day.

We can’t help but feel a little disappointed that Tokyo won’t be dotted with volunteers dressed like ninja for the 2020 Olympics. However, we’ve got our fingers crossed that Japan’s ninja taxi drivers will be out in force instead.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@kuku_hayate
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