We hope you are watching this right now, Hayao Miyazaki.

Studio Ghibli traces its cinematic anime legacy back to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which forever changed the world of animation as we know it. Even 35 years later, the brave princess who forged peace between gigantic insects and humankind remains highly regarded in fans’ hearts.

Brazilian fan and director Chris Tex is one such person, but he has taken a step further by creating an amazing teaser for a live-action short film for Nausicaa. Brief the trailer may be, yet its lack in length is easily made up twice more by astounding quality gone into the production.

Lasting roughly 40 seconds, the clip shows protagonist Nausicaa trekking through sand and entering a forest so poisonous it kills any who enter it unprepared.

▼ Stunning visuals and alien vegetation perfectly capture the spirit of the anime.

The princess is seen descending into the depths where she discovers a shell belonging to an Ohm, gargantuan trilobite-like insects that can ravage cities in the blink of an eye.

▼ These fearsome monsters are not to be trifled with…

▼ …as they can get really upset, really fast.

Filming for the short live-action adaptation appears to be already complete, at least according to the video’s official description which ways it is in “post-production.” Although a huge amount of time has gone into it — four years according to the video — Tex has emphasized that the film is strictly non-profit, hoping to reach out to fans and perhaps one day to original creator Hayao Miyazaki, too.

▼ The actress looks exactly like how we envisioned a real Nausicaä to be.

Tex’s’ impressive teaser has attracted the attention of Japanese netizens, many of who were surprised to see such quality:

“Damnnnnnn! It looks great! I’ll definitely watch it.”
“That Nausicaa is so beautiful.”
“Really? Can you really do it? I can’t wait for it!”
“This looks perfect even to us Japanese people.”
“This is fantastic. Live-action adaptations should be left to people like him. There are too many Japanese directors who don’t understand the original script and end up creating rubbish.”

Props to Tex and his dedicated crew for investing so much into the project, though if we were to hazard a guess. Wishful thinking it may be to hope for a full live-action movie making it onto the big screen, but seeing as how Nausicaa already has a kabuki play based on it, perhaps that day may come sooner than we expect.

Source: YouTube/Chris Tex via Kai-you
Images: YouTube/Chris Tex

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