Ever been so angry you felt the need to smack someone else with your own kid? No? Then you’re a calmer parent than this guy.

If you’re going to watch a baseball game in Japan, Yokohama Stadium is a pretty good place to do it. Located just a few blocks from the ocean, you can enjoy a nice sea breeze blowing into the stands on a warm summer evening, as you enjoy local delicacies such as a shumai dumpling bento boxed lunch and a specially brewed Baystars Ale, named after Yokohama’s local team, the Baystars.

Yet all of those opportunities for relaxing fun apparently weren’t enough to quell the anger of one fan of the Hanshin Tigers, who were in town from Osaka on Tuesday night. It’s not clear what started the altercation, but in a video shared by Twitter user @renna_shinohara, the man, dressed in a black-and-gold Tigers jersey, is being escorted from the premises by no fewer than four Yokohama Stadium employees.

As he’s being led up the stairs and out of the stands, the man stops repeatedly to jaw at Baystars fans seated to the left of the pathway. Initially this seems pretty strange, as the man is carrying his young son in his right arm, which you’d think would discourage him from trying to stir up any more trouble. But before he leaves the stadium, the man shows that while holding a child might make verbal confrontations more difficult, the child can be used as a tool to further physical conflict, as he swings his own son downwards like a hammer and strikes a seated Baystars fan with the boy.


The man then nonchalantly whips his boy back into an upright posture as one of the security guards makes sure to keep a firm hold on him until he’s been entirely removed from the premises.

Considering the situation, it’s likely that the man was intoxicated, may not have fully thought through what he was doing, and perhaps didn’t consciously intend to use a toddler as a bludgeoning weapon. At the same time, the video shows him purposely swinging the hand and shoulder of the arm he was holding the boy in at the Baystars fan who was the target of his anger, and it’s hard to imagine that motion resulting in any result other than the boy flopping at the waist and having his head strike the other man.

Despite the disturbance in the stands, the teams on the field continued playing, with the Tigers eventually losing, by a score of 4-0, to the Baystars. The father, meanwhile, was confirmed as a loser before the game ended.

Source: Twitter/@renna_shinohara via Gogo Tsushin via Jin
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