We can’t decide who’s cuter in this clip – the excited toddler or the patient shiba inu!

Japan’s nation of adorable shiba inu dogs have captured our hearts by the side of the street, at the pet salon, and even on the swings at the playground, and now there’s a new canine that’s got our attention, just by going for a walk with its toddler friend.

The cute video, posted by Japanese musician Akira Kosemura on his Twitter account, has received thousands of likes and retweets since it appeared online. While it looks like the toddler is taking the pup for a stroll, in the end it’s hard to tell who’s walking who in this clip!

The dog’s patient reaction to the toddler’s slow and erratic walking style makes us think this isn’t the first time the two have gone for a stroll together! As the lead tightens even with the slow pace, the pup stops and waits for the child to catch up.


Then, as the boy walks behind the dog, taking the lead with him to the other side, the patient pup turns around to head in the new direction. But the boy falls down on his backside, while the dog continues with his attempts to rectify the walking situation!


Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the sweet clip.

“This is soooo adorable!”
“I love the way the pup looks after him!”
“The shiba inu is definitely the guardian here.”
“That’s such a smart dog for stopping instead of pulling the child along on the lead!” 
“What a kind canine!”

From the looks of things, it’s clearly the dog who’s taking the child for a stroll here, stopping patiently when necessary and watching out for him when he trips up. It won’t be like that for long though, so let’s hope the boy returns the favour when he grows up!

Source: Buzzmag
Top Image: Twitter/@akira_kosemura