You could say he didn’t strike out in this aspect of life!

Love comes in all different forms, and starts in all different ways, whether it’s chance love at first sight or an intensive search for the perfect partner. But once you’ve found the right person, you’ll do what it takes to win them over, right?

That’s what happened in a sweet story about a young man staking his romantic chances on his play during a college baseball game, as told by Twitter user Sano (@sano_sano_sano). It seems Sano’s buddy had fallen for a certain special lady, and confessed his feelings to her by saying “If I get a hit in my next at bat, I want you to become my girlfriend.”

So did Sano’s friend swing for the fences, starting their relationship off with a towering home run?


…he instead dropped down for a drag bunt, playing it safe and smart by trying for the least dynamic way of getting to first base. Sure enough, the plan worked: the bunt got Sano’s friend on base, and got him a date with his crush. What’s more, she apparently didn’t mind this bit of gamesmanship, since Sano reports that the couple is getting married this year!

▼ “Good job, honey! Here’s your water and a towel, and my hand in marriage.”

The tale has touched the hearts of many Twitter users with its happy ending, while also inspiring dozens of baseball puns, because obviously.

“Even without swinging the bat he made a home run. I just hope he’s careful not to get three outs, or he won’t be able to make it to the real home base. Best wishes!”
“This tweet is a home run when the bases are loaded.”
“What a splendid hit!”
“It’s so sweet he was so determined to hit the ball. Congratulations to him for his home run marriage!”
“She couldn’t strike him out.”
“Who would’ve thought that a bunt would lead to a home run (in life)?”

In a follow-up, Sano tweeted “One of the reasons [my friend’s fiancé] decided to marry him was because of his ‘steadiness’, so the bunt was actually the best tactic he could have used.”

I wonder what kind of wedding they’ll have? Maybe a Final Fantasy-themed wedding? Or Hello Kitty? Or possibly something baseball-themed would be most appropriate? In any case, we wish them the best!

Source: Twitter/@sano_sano_sano via Hachima Kiko
Top image: GAHAG

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