As you probably already know, the world is currently in the grip of World Cup fever, with almost every channel on TV and website riding the wave. For soccer (or football) fans, this might be the best time in four years, but for the non-fans who are instead getting annoyed by soccer highlights popping up on TV and flooding their Facebook timelines, here’s an article about baseball for a change!

Korean internet content giant Naver’s trend reporters show us the stereotypes of baseball spectators in Korea! What type of baseball fan are you?

1. The Foodies

Can’t watch a movie without some popcorn and nachos? These Korean baseball fans can’t sit through a match without pizza and fried chicken! Sometimes the amount they eat makes other onlookers wonder if they’re treating the stadium as their picnic ground. Hopefully they’re paying more attention to the game than the pepperoni slices on their pizza.




2. The Selfie Maniacs

They’re everywhere, even at baseball games. Okay, maybe your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers are dying to know that you’re at a baseball match, but just one photo is sufficient for that status update, right? It seems some Korean girls can been seen snapping selfies throughout the entire game. Talk about maniacal fans.




3. The Hunk Hunters

Don’t know which team to support? Just support the one that has the best looking men!



4. The Hardcore Cheerleaders

Who needs loudspeakers when you can scream your head off? These super screamers put the professional cheerleaders to shame with their overwhelming passion and voices. Perhaps they burn just as many calories shouting as the players running on the field.



5. The Happy Drunkard

Too shy to cheer? Down a few cans of beer and you might be the happiest and loudest spectator in your block. The people sitting around you might not be too happy though.



6. The Well-Dressed Fan

By well-dressed, we don’t mean that they attend the game in the latest fashion items. This is the guy who turns up in the perfect baseball outfit so impeccable that from afar you might mistake him for a team representative.



7. The Real Baseball Maniac

Even though he’s physically in the stadium watching the match, he persists on watching the live telecast on a mobile device. He comes to the stadium simply to experience the atmosphere around him since the live telecast gets the best angles for every pitch, hit and run, and professional commentary and game analysis.



What about couples that watch baseball matches together? These are the three typical types of couples seen at Korea’s baseball league matches!

8. The Love Birds

Couples who support the same team. They turn up in matching team outfits and watching the game is more like an enjoyable date for the both of them.




9. The Fan and the Non-Fan

He initially explains the game patiently to his girlfriend who doesn’t have the slightest clue about baseball. But after about three questions, his patience starts to wane and his girlfriend becomes a nuisance that is distracting him from the match. Eventually, she runs out of patience too and the day ends on a sour note regardless of the outcome of the match.





10. The Rivals

They both love baseball, but they’re cheering for different teams. Watching a baseball game together is a fun activity they both enjoy… that is until the teams they support are up against each other.



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What are the baseball fans like in your country? Do these stereotypes apply to them as well? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Reference/Images: Naver 20Trend