Watch these Gokus dish out the biggest energy attack in history, entering the Guinness World Records in the process.

Spread over five days filled with events, cosplayers and top comic book publishers showcasing extensive lines of products, Comic-Con International: San Diego remains one of the largest comic book conventions in the world.

But what made this year’s Comic-Con truly memorable was the fact that a new entry made it into the Guinness World Records, as 784 eager Dragon Ball fans gathered together to channel their inner Gokus and perform the world’s largest Kamehameha ever.

▼ We pity the foes standing in their way.

Led by the American voice actor of Goku, Sean Schemmel, the spirited crowd charged up their energies and unleashed their attacks toward a group of cameramen in a massive roar.

▼ An official Guiness World Record Certificate was later presented
to one of the organizers dressed up as Majin Buu.

The event brought smiles to netizens’ faces, most of who were pleasantly surprised at the fans’ enthusiasm:

“That’s what I love about Westerners. What an interesting bunch of people who aren’t afraid to show their love for Dragon Ball!”
“I’m sure just these people can create a Spirit Bomb.”
“That’s overkill with so many Super Saiyan Blues!”
“I really enjoy things like this.”
“Japan has to step up and do it with 1,000 people.”

Indeed, we are pretty sure Japan is now obligated to beat that record and reply with one of their own massive energy attacks. And as fans over here have access to awesome Kamehama simulators to hone their skills, we’re anxious to see how theirs will look like.

Source: Guinness World Records Japan via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Guinness World Records Japan

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