Finally, what virtual reality was intended to do this whole time: let you fire a powerful wave of energy at those who have wronged you.

I think we’ve all wanted to shoot powerful beams of energy at one point in our lives or another, be it at the jerk who cut in front of us in line at the supermarket, took those parking spaces we were waiting for, or refused to publish my book about a sassy robot cop…

I mean our books.

Luckily, we have come one step closer to that reality by making it a virtual reality. On the brink of the opening of the large virtual reality amusement center, VR Zone Shinjuku, some new looks at their Dragon Ball VR Secret Kamehameha attraction have been unveiled.

Previous attempts have been made using smartphone headsets or rear projection screens, but Secret Kamehameha promises to immerse us deeper than ever before into the world of gathering our spiritual energy so that we may throw it at other people’s faces.

Here’s a demonstration of the entire VR game, which runs about seven minutes in real time.

Players start off learning the basic mechanics and getting their bearings by firing off some ki-dan, which are small bullets of spirit energy like a ball, fired from one hand. You can get used to the movements by doing some target practice with the ki-dan, which are said to be quite tricky to aim at first.

Then one of the four characters of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and – for one poor soul – Krilin, will coach each player on the basics of revving up a kamehameha.

The key to firing off a good kamehameha is charging your spirit ball to a large size (there are five levels), which requires you to focus on the position of your hands. If you lose focus, your ball will deflate and you won’t be able to get a good wave off.

Afterwards, it becomes a complete free-for-all as each player must take out the others with their kamehamehas before they get blasted themselves. It would seem that to be successful in this battle you’ll have to balance the time spent charging (and being a sitting duck) with the power of your blasts.

As seen in the video above, if you do get blasted into oblivion don’t worry, because in the world of Dragon Ball no one really dies forever. In an interesting twist, a souvenir bag of senzu beans purchased from the VR Zone gift shop can actually be used in the game to restore your health.

▼ The bag attaches to your waist and appears on your avatar in the game.

Image: VR Zone Shinjuku

While it still won’t let me settle the score with that neighbor whose dog always poops in front of my home, this is about as real a Dragon Ball experience as it gets. So head on down to VR Zone Shinjuku anytime after 14 July to try it out. And be sure to check out their Mario Kart, Evangelion, and horror games while you’re there!

Source: VR Zone Shinjuku,
Video, images: YouTube/V Jump Channel