This must have taken some serious time and Dragon Ball dedication!

Fan art comes in many forms. Whether it’s done on paper, in food, as a 3-D model, in a video, on a smartphone accessory, or even in Microsoft Excel, as long as it expresses your love for something, it doesn’t matter what it’s made with. What’s cool about the Internet age is that now it’s easier than ever to show off your fan art, and we can’t help but love all of the awesome stuff out there!

The final products are always impressive, but what we really love to see is how fan art is made, like in this video by YouTube channel Nghệ Nhân Âu Lạc Woodart Vietnam. It shows a sped-up time-lapse of the process of hand-carving a wooden statue of anime martial artist Goku from Dragon Ball, and it’s really incredible!

The statue starts off as a simple rectangle of wood with a printed out picture of Goku glued to the front. It’s then cut to the size of the picture using a circular saw, and then the outline of Goku’s figure is carved out with a band saw.

Once that’s done, the artist uses various power hand saws to whittle down the shape into its general form and to shave off the original picture. It’s amazing how even a chainsaw can do delicate work!

After the major frame is finished, the small tools come out. A black marker marks the lines and details that need to be chiseled out, then the artist uses hand chisels, electric chisels, and what looks and sounds like a dental drill (but probably isn’t) to fine-tune the shapes and curves of Goku’s hair, clothes, and muscles.

▼ Look at all those fine lines that have to be carved out!

The larger electric saw is used again to smooth down some of the rough layers, and afterwards the artist takes his chisel to carefully carve out the rest of Goku’s minute features. Every last detail is accounted for, from the layers of Super Saiyan Goku’s hair down to the base of swirling clouds at his feet.

▼ Even the hands are carved out in explicit detail!

You’ll have to watch the video to get a good look at the final product, but it’s worth watching the whole thing to see the progress of the statue. The likeness is fantastic, and the level of detail is just amazing. Apparently, you can even buy this wooden statue of Goku; there are contact details in the description box of the YouTube video, so check that out if you’re interested!

There’s is tons of other Dragon Ball fan art out there, like this portrait of Goku made up of other Dragon Ball characters, or these illustrations of Dragon Ball characters in samurai garb. If you like what you see, make sure you like and follow artists to support them, so that they will keep producing awesome works!

Source: YouTube/Nghệ Nhân Âu Lạc Woodart Vietnam via Kotaro Blog
Images: YouTube/Nghệ Nhân Âu Lạc Woodart Vietnam

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