A special moment for everyone’s favorite Super Saiyan.

9 May might seem like a day like any other, but for some Dragon Ball fans, it’s an opportunity to show their love for one of their favorite heroes: Goku

But how is 9 May associated with Goku? Well, similar to other Japanese holidays like Cat Day or Maid Day, it has to do with the sound of the date. 9 May can be rewritten simply as “5-9”, which is pronounced “go-ku” in Japanese, in other words, Goku Day.

▼ Netizens celebrated the day by drawing pictures of the famed Super Saiyan
in all his powerful brilliance.

▼ We love him in his casual attire…

▼ …but even more so when he’s out for blood.


▼ No matter what color of hair he sports,
he is the Super Saiyan of our hearts.


▼ The finale of Goku versus Majin Buu was a classic.


▼ Brolly and Goku set aside their differences for a hearty meal.

▼ Is that a new idol group?


▼ A new adventure awaits at every horizon.


▼ Limitless power and unfaltering confidence in one package.

▼ Who could ever forget tiny Goku when he still had a tail,
a mark of his Saiyan lineage?


▼ He’ll be your trusty exploration buddy…


▼ …and a stalwart ally in battle.

▼ No one wants to be near when Goku’s flares up his vegetable powers…

▼ …though a female Goku-chan would be quite adorable.

It is no overstatement to say that characters in Dragon Ball have influenced countless people out there in the world, and if the ton of gorgeous drawings — some of them so detailed they’re pictures within pictures — are any indication, the most beloved has got to be Goku.

So happy Goku Day, everyone! And may your own energy-slinging adventures never end.

Source: Kotaku
Featured image: Twitter/@mamedehuku

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