Japanese town that spent 25 million yen in COVID money on giant squid statue says it paid off big

Gigantic squid statue has given a huge boost to the economy, city claims.

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We visit a mysterious pagoda near Yomiuri Land, turns out to be an incredibly sacred spot

An enigmatic-looking building turns out to be much more.

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Japanese town builds 42-foot, 25 million-yen squid statue as coronavirus response plan【Video】

An eyesore and waste of government money, or a brilliant economic recovery scheme?

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Studio Ghibli’s Totoro and the Catbus forever preserved together in new statue 【Pics & Video】

Monument unveiled by children yelling “Totoro!” plays out like a scene from a Ghibli anime film. 

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Awesome time lapse video shows Vietnamese artist carving amazingly detailed wooden Goku statue

This must have taken some serious time and Dragon Ball dedication!

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Yokosuka’s Statue of Liberty gives the word liberty a whole new meaning

The famous symbol of freedom gets a new twist in Yokosuka as torch and tablet are replaced by nakedness and fist pumps.

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Gigantic real-life Dragon Quest video game slime to appear in Japan this Christmas

The city of Yokohama adds an awesome, eight-meter (26.3-foot) tall attraction to convince people to come down from Tokyo for the afternoon.

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Goodbye, Gundam. Life-size mecha statue is leaving Tokyo next spring

But could the sudden farewell have a silver lining?

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Real-world Pokémon gym location at Nagoya University gets made up like an in-game location

Augmented reality gets a taste of realism thanks to Pokémon fans in Nagoya.

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Can you solve the case of the missing bronze statue of Sharp Corporation’s founder?

Is this the Curse of Sharp in the making?

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Statue of “Kirby” Orita-sensei welcomes university entrance exam takers at Kyoto University

This exam season, a statue of an important historical figure at Kyoto University has gotten a Kirby makeover as part of a now yearly tradition.

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120-foot golden Chairman Mao golem attacked by trolls, taken down

With all the information technology around these days, it’s getting harder and harder to build a gigantic gold statue in peace.

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Giant golden statue of Chairman Mao Zedong erected in the middle of nowhere in China

China, did you really think this one through?

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Awesome new Hatsune Miku figure makes the vocaloid look like a Final Fantasy boss

Do you love fantasy RPGs and Hatsune Miku? If so, then you’re definitely going to love this new figure of the vocaloid designed by the popular artist mebae!

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“Gangnam Style” to be immortalized with enormous “horsey hands” statue

“Gangnam Style”, the absolute mega-hit of 2012, came pretty much out of nowhere. The song was popular not only in its home country of South Korea, but all over the world, going on to become the most watched video on YouTube ever. Psy, the artist of this masterpiece, traveled all over the world to show the gathering masses his weird, but very iconic “horsey” dance.

And now, to immortalize this historic achievement, South Korea’s Gangnam district is proposing a grand addition: a gigantic monument positioned in the horsey hands pose.

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When in Nara be sure to stop by the cockroach memorial statue

Sono & Sons is a building maintenance company that also specializes in pest control. Their SEARCH (We Safeguard our Environment with Alpha Roach Control Helper) system promises to leave any roach intruding on the sanctity of your home dead as Dillinger.

Despite their cold efficiency as slaughtering cockroaches, Sono & Sons also owe them a debt of gratitude. After all, roaches played a large role in building the company. So out of respect, they commissioned a memorial statue for all the cockroaches who have succumbed to their poisons and filled the company’s bank account as a result. They spared no expense either because everyone online is agreeing that it’s one cool statue.

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We visit “world’s largest” Buddha in Fukuoka, puts Sagat’s to shame

Fukuoka Prefecture is a major tourist destination in Japan, drawing people form all over the country all year round. But what’s unusual about the prefecture is that, despite its great many visitors, it doesn’t have any particularly famous sightseeing spots. Most people come for the food alone—a fact which should give you an indication of how good it is.

That’s why our reporter, Takashi Harada went in search of something worth gawking at in the otherwise wonderful land of Fukuoka and came across something that every visitor ought to see: the “World’s Largest Buddha statue” nestled deep in its mountains.

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Surprise art installation almost completed, locals have no idea who’s making it

Street art is a way of describing random art that pops up on the…boulevard. Most countries have it, and while most cities would prefer to keep it off the streets, it definitely provides a city with some character.

Although not that common in Japan, it does show up from time to time. A city in Nagano has been experiencing a bit of unlawful artistry and it has been going on for the past four years! Could Japan have their own version of infamous street artist Banksy? You can call this slow-working artist by their new name, “RiverBanksy“!

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Coming face-to-boot with the giant Patlabor statue【Photos】

If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m not a huge giant mech/giant robot fan. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode of Patlabor or Gundam–though it’s not out of spite or anything! There are only so many hours in the day, and I rarely seem to have time to watch giant mechs beating the crap out of each other. Though that sentence is making me question some life choices now…

As such, I’ve always been perplexed by the idea that someone has actually gone out of their way to build enormous statues of the suits. The “why” has always left an itch in the back of my mind–it just doesn’t seem worth, does it? Well, that’s what I thought until I actually came face-to-face (face-to-boot?) with an enormous Patlabor statue. Here are some photos of the giant mech emblazoned with a Japanese police badge and why I actually hope they make more!

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Giant Marilyn Monroe is now face-down in a dump in China

An 8-ton statue of Marilyn Monroe has been unceremoniously deposited in a dump in southern China, putting the American beauty in a hilariously bizarre position.

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