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Baseball is huge not just in the U.S., but in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan as well. In fact, baseball in Taiwan is showing signs of a resurgence at the moment, with the number of teams in the league increasing this year and popular former major leaguer Munenori Kawasaki on board to coach Taiwan’s Wei Chuan Dragons.

With so much going on in the world of Taiwanese baseball, the sport is having its time in the sun at the moment, and shining along with it is one of the nation’s cheerleaders, a young woman called Qun Qun.

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DAY 3 💖

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Qun Qun is being dubbed a “Stadium Angel” for her grace and beauty, and judging by the photos on her Instagram account, where she has approximately 282,000 followers, she’s dedicated to her cheerleading job, showing her support even in inclement weather.

The above photo was taken at the 7 November WBSC Premier12 tournament game between Taiwan and Japan, and although Japan won the game, Taiwan advanced with Japan to the “Super Round” which will take place on 11 November.

▼ Video of Qun Qun performing at the game (although the video annoyingly switches to vertical mode halfway through).

While Qun Qun is currently supporting the national team, she’s also a member of a local cheering squad called the “Passion Sisters“, which cheers for Taiwanese pro baseball team Chinatrust Brothers, also known simply as “Brothers“.

▼ Go, Brothers!

Cheerleading in Asia is a whole different ball game to cheerleading in the States. Here it’s less about athletic moves and more like being a member of a cute idol group.

As one of the most famous cheerleaders in Taiwan, Qun Qun appears frequently outside the stadium, showing up on television and popular photo collections.

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▼ For many, though, Qun Qun is most inspiring in her role as Stadium Angel.

▼ Check out her angelic moves!

Not only is Qun Qun lifting the spirits of the teams she cheers for, but the crowds who come to support their teams as well.

With the Stadium Angel becoming more and more popular with international fans, now might be the time to book a trip to Taiwan to watch the Brothers play.

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