They may be young, but they can pull off some fantastic costumes. 

There are so many amazing cosplayers who appear at comic, game, and anime conventions around the world that sometimes it’s hard to decide where to look. So let us help you, by pointing out one pair of cosplayers who make regular, anticipated appearances at conventions, and who have been gaining popularity around the world: Chihiro and Chiaki.

These two girls are eleven-year-old twins, and have been cosplaying since they were three. They may be young, but they aren’t too young to show off their awesome cosplay skills, which feature characters from all kinds of genres and mediums. Based on their Instagram account, they have a fairly wide array of costumes in their portfolio, including cute, cool, and creepy characters. Sometimes they even cosplay twin characters, like Spirited Away‘s Yubaba and Zeniba!

Other times, they’ll wear different costumes from the same character, such as the character Chihiro’s two looks from Spirited Away.

But they’ve also done matching cosplays, like when they both posed as Mystique from X-men.

Whatever they choose, they always cosplay as two characters (or the same character) from the same franchise, so as twins, they’re always matching! They’ve even dressed up as a family together with their parents, Bey Chua and Ging, who also have a passion for cosplaying.

▼ The twins dressed as Zeno and Future Zeno from Dragon Ball Super, while their parents were Whis and Beerus.

They definitely tend to like strange and bizarre characters, though, since they have also done the two masked sisters from the movie Kubo and the Two Strings, the creepy twins from The Shining, and the Peculiar Twins from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

▼ Not to mention the weeping angels from Dr. Who, which are some of the creepiest creatures on television. They pull these off impressively well.

But they’ve also cosplayed as cute characters, like Ana and Elsa from Frozen, and sci-fi characters, like Star Wars’ Stormtroopers, so they appear to be very versatile cosplayers. Their popularity not only lies in the costumes themselves, but in the way they wear them; they have undeniable talent in posing and creating emotion on their faces, so they don’t just look like the characters, but act like them too.

▼ Quake and Squirrel Girl from Marvel Rising

These girls are still young, but they can only get better! We can’t wait to see what they come up with next, so we’ll be following their Instagram page to keep up with their latest costumes.

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