Nothing declares a fan’s love better than a heartfelt message.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup may be over, but intense matches, exhilarating plays, and inspiring acts of kindness by international teams have left a deep impression in Japan, forever changing how its citizens view the contact team sport.

For one Japanese mother named Tomoko, rugby became her favorite sport when the Welsh Rugby Union, one of the strongest teams out there, conducted training camps in Kitakyushu. Impressed by their indomitable spirit and remarkable sportsmanship, she penned down her thoughts in English and handed it to one of the camp staff.

▼ A gushing note for an amazing team.

Instead of writing everything in Japanese, Tomoko tried her very best to convey her message in English:

To: all of Wales

World Cup is held in Japan and I’m happy. I became a big fan from camping in kitakyushu. My sons love your play. Storong during the match. Private is very friendly. So my sons love and longing. I was pleased with the famous and respected players every time. I was happy to see such sons. I became a big fan of you.

Thank you for giving me a dream. I am always grateful to the friendly staff and players. Thank you for showing me great play. Wales (Welsh) fans are also very nice people. I really wanted to cheer. Please not be injured. I wish you a good time.


Welsh fans were moved by her charming message:

“Thank you Japan for your hospitality, we hope to see you guys come the distance to visit Wales.”
“That letter was so cute, glad you found joy in watching Wales play.”
“Oh my goodness, my heart! Well done to our boys for being such brilliant ambassadors for Wales!”
“What a beautiful sport. Well done, @WelshRugbyUnion. Respect to you for a tournament well played.”
“Wow! Beautiful!”

Kudos to the Welsh team for spreading that rugby love around Japan and winning the hearts of people all around. Admittedly, with all the incredible sportsmanship being displayed during the World Cup, it is hard not to become completely mesmerized by a team or two.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@WelshRugbyUnion
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