For bubble tea with a Japanese twist, how about a sakura-flavored creation from popular tea stand chain TP Tea?

Fans of sweet drinks will be delighted to know that the TP Tea stand, operated by popular Taiwan based teahouse chain Chun Shui Tang, is now offering a Japan-exclusive Tapioca Sakura Latte tea drink.

It’s definitely a drink for sakura lovers, as you’ll be treated to the scent of sakura every time you take a sip. The drink is made with leaves from two different types of sakura trees soaked in syrup, along with a fragrant high quality jasmine tea. Available both cold and hot and also with or without the tapioca pearls  (650 yen [US$5.80] with and 580 yen without), the sakura tea will be on sale until March 31.

▼The beautiful pale pink color evokes images of cherry blossoms.

Plus, starting March 1, buying designated sakura drinks at TP Tea and Chun Shui Tang locations will earn you a special TP Tea sakura drink holder, if you’re one of the first 30 customers.The sakura-flavored drinks you can buy for the drink holder are the Tapioca Sakura Berry Milk Tea from Chun Shui Tang and the Hot Sakura Latte and Iced Sakura Latte.

▼ Yup, getting a free gift for drinking three of these drinks sounds like a pretty good deal to us:

And if you’re looking for a Japanese flavor other than sakura, they’ll also be offering, for the same period, the Tapioca Mugicha (barley tea) Latte (500 yen with tapioca/450 yen without), also available both hot and cold.

▼ The barley tea based latte also happens to be caffeine free!

While there may be buzz that the tapioca fad is dying out in Japan, we have to say items like these make us hope we can continue to enjoy creative bubble drinks in different flavors and forms for many years to come!

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Source, images: @Press
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