Matcha Top

Matcha lovers will want to try all five of the deliciously green items on the menu!

McDonald’s Japan loves to blend their signature western style menu with traditional local ingredients, giving us everything from anko red bean pies to sakura drinks and awesome purple potato shakes. This autumn, they’re bringing out a series of matcha powdered green tea drinks and a pretty slice of cake to star on their McCafe by Barista menu, and while the lineup looks absolutely amazing, it’s also said to be made from quality ingredients too.

▼ These are all filled with the goodness of powdered green tea from Japan’s top matcha-producing region, Uji, in Kyoto Prefecture


The drink items include three popular hot and cold beverages which were also available on the menu last year.

The Matcha Latte (350 – 390 yen/US$3.38 – $3.77) is light and fluffy, filled with milk and a rich green tea aroma that gives the drink a gentle sweetness.


The Iced Tea Latte (390 – 430 yen) is a dessert-style drink that uses a rich combination of bittersweet green tea and milk, topped off with a good serving of freshly whipped cream.5

The Matcha Latte Frappe (430 – 470 yen) has a fragrant matcha base, blended with plenty of milk to give it a rich and sweet full-bodied flavour.


The two new matcha offerings on the menu this year include the Green Tea Cake (340 yen on its own or 290 yen with a drink purchase), which features pretty layers of cocoa sponge interspersed with kanoko red beans and green tea cake, all topped with an exquisite matcha sauce and fragrant green tea mousse.


And the Matcha Chocolate Brownie Frappe (480 – 520 yen), which combines a milky green tea frappe with three pieces of rich chocolate brownie for a luxurious, decadent drink.


The products are only available for a limited time, at McCafe By Barista stores around the country from 7 September to the beginning of October, so be sure to stop by for a taste of McDonald’s matcha while you can, before they disappear for good!

Source, Images: McDonald’s Japan