bubble tea

We try Tapioca Beer, the drink that everyone’s raving about in Japan right now

Boba beer? Yes, please.

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Japan shocked as American musician finds that bubble tea tapioca balls can be used to play music

Don’t play with your food. Play your food.

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Is Taiwan’s latest craze due to the product being sold or the busty-beauties serving it?

Riddle of the day: How many good-looking women does it take to screw bubble tea into a lightbulb?

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Old tires and shoe soles said to be being used in bubble tea tapioca pearls

Bubble tea, also called boba, or pearl-tea, had its beginnings in Taiwan but has spread in popularity throughout the world. The creamy milk-tea dotted with chewy, gummy-like tapioca pearls and endless flavor possibilities makes this the perfect snack when you can’t decide if you want something to drink or something to eat.

The tapioca pearls that give these milky drinks their fun texture are made from cassava root. Or, at least they should be. But an investigation in China has turned up a “tapioca” plant that makes pearls from materials that aren’t even edible

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