Japanese sake brewed to pair with cocoa cigarettes

One of the most niche sake you’ll find in all of Japan.

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New Calpis Water bottle design can only be fully seen after you drink the contents

Keep refreshed and get a glimpse of Japanese high school life with these charming bottle designs.

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It’s sakura bubble tea season at TP TEA stands across Japan!

For bubble tea with a Japanese twist, how about a sakura-flavored creation from popular tea stand chain TP Tea?

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A vending machine where you don’t know what you’re buying until it comes out – we give it a try!

This vending machine has ‘mystery’ written all over it – literally.
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Soon you can drink your ice cream at Lawson convenience stores throughout Japan

It’s up to you whether you want to count this new beverage product as a drink or as a dessert. 

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We try new jiggly Kuzu Mochi Cider drink in Nara, and it’s a treat that’s hard to beat

Chewy, jiggly, sweet and ahead of the trend.

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Restaurant rental service OPEN DISH offers risk-free restaurateur opportunity

Step 1: Rent restaurant. Step 2: Serve tasty food. Step 3: Profit!

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Japanese coffee chain brings in spring with sakura-scented ground and drip coffee

The aroma of coffee is tantalizing on its own, but how about a bit of sakura to make it even more appealing?

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Sailor Moon and My Melody team up again, this time for a super sweet themed cafe

They’ll be fighting your hunger by moonlight, and winning love all day with these adorable menu items!

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Sweet surprise! Starbucks Japan releases Mystery Frappuccino for Halloween

And the mystery Frappuccino flavor is … ?

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Suntory attempts to mess with our brains again with new milk-tea-flavored bottled water

Is milk tea still milk tea without the milk and the tea?

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Muji creates Muji Cola with no added sugar and a unique taste

This isn’t your typical Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola drink.

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This buffet offers over 100 matcha-infused choices for the ultimate matcha experience in Kyoto

That includes nearly 30 different matcha sweets and 50 kinds of ice cream!

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Spider-Man cafe opens in Roppongi Hills to commemorate new film, offers spidery eats and drinks

The limited-time cafe has our Spider-Senses, and taste buds, tingling!

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Bring on the spicy chill with our recommended customized Starbucks drink — chai Frappuccino!

Take a look at the latest Frappuccino customization hack!

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Akashi Brewery is now offering “Moe Beer” for your thirst-quenching, otaku needs

This new “Moe Beer” could be Akashi Brewery’s most momentous addition in its 300-year brewing history.

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T.G.I. Friday’s to open new Gotanda location hoping to woo patrons with “Hollywood” atmosphere

The American franchise known for its playfully kitschy decorations and classic American fare will get a unique new venue in Tokyo’s Gotanda area.

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Now you can have beauty-conscious non-alcoholic beer from Suntory!

Who ever thought non-alcoholic beer could help you feel healthy and beautiful?

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Osaka International Airport has a sake tasting machine for 100 yen a cup

There are many lovers of nihonshu (often called sake in English) in Japan, but a challenge of a true nihonshu fan is finding that perfect brand to suit their tastes. With the hundreds of different kinds each with their own flavors and ways to serve, you might drink for years without being able to settle on a type to call your favorite.

In addition to time, it can also be a burden on the wallet to go through bottle after bottle searching for that right one. Luckily, Mr. Sato stumbled upon something that might help speed up and cheapen the sake selecting process.

It’s a sake taste testing machine in Osaka International Airport that sells cups from nearly 30 different brands for only 100 yen (US$0.81) each.

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We check out world-first Pikachu cup clingers ahead of their release date

Have you ever wished you could stick to your long-lost New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, kick those bad habits and take better care of your mental and physical health? Well, June might be the time to turn things around because Pikachu is here to help kick you into shape!

Whether it’s getting your eight glasses of water a day or downing that bright green shot of spirulina, this special series of Pikachus will cling to the side of your cup and keep you company while you stay healthy and hydrated this summer.

With six different poses available, we’ve been lucky enough to catch ’em before their official release in Japan. Come with us as we take a very special sneak peek at the coveted little critters after the break.

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