Because some people may have never been told this before.

Japan is a nation where, unfortunately, sexual harassment like groping and stalking is almost a daily feature in the news. While there are some measures to prevent acts like these from happening, there are surely some that think it’s just not enough.

One of Kyoto University’s off-campus student housing facilities, the Kumano Dorm, has decided to take initiative in this front by laying it out for students that apply to live in the building. Twitter user @tai_kai_sha uploaded an excerpt of these seven guidelines of “how not to commit sexual harassment”.

▼ It even goes into specifics on how to treat people in general.

Here are the main points of each article:

1. Do not touch someone else’s body.
2. Don’t make dirty jokes or tell dirty stories in public spaces.
3. Don’t make judgmental statements about someone’s appearance or personal lifestyle.
4. Don’t compartmentalize behavior by gender, such as saying “girls are like this/boys are like this”.
5. Don’t assume that someone isn’t or won’t get angry.
6. Don’t automatically assume that every college student should have a significant other.
7. If someone criticizes your behavior, it doesn’t matter what your intentions were. Listen to what they have to say first.

Not surprisingly at all, this advice resonated with netizens, with many saying that they wish these rules were posted in other areas of life (especially offices).

“This is amazing! Like, ‘it should be distributed in all industries’ amazing.”
“I love how this also mentions ‘it’s also not okay to compliment someone’s appearance’. No matter how beautiful they may be, there are a lot of men that don’t understand how humiliating it can be to be sexually objectified. It’s the same across all genders.”
“When I read this, it really took some weight off my chest. I thought, ‘So that time I didn’t like what was done to me really was power harassment. I wasn’t mistaken. I should have more confidence in the fact that it wasn’t my fault.’ I feel strangely happy now. Thank you for sharing this.”

Thanks to @tai_kai_sha, many more people than just new dorm students now have access to this valuable life advice. Hopefully it will get around to enough people to prevent incidents like tracking down your favorite idol by looking at the reflection in her eyes.

Sources: Twitter/@tai_kai_sha via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Pakutaso
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