In today’s installment of incredibly niche gachapon capsule toys, we coo over these very cute teeny-tiny barricades.

Japan remains the undisputed authority on cuteness, so much so that the word kawaii evokes a very specific sugary aesthetic even for those who don’t speak Japanese. This commitment to cuteness goes as far as developing adorable characters to represent public transport, or printing tiny pictures of cats on a tearable strip of cardboard packaging. Japan is not only willing go to the effort of prettying up the road safety barriers erected around road construction sites, but even offer multiple designs!

“We took these cute animal-themed safety barricades, capable of cutifying even the most gruesome construction site, and turned them into capsule toys! Each capsule comes with one barricade fixture and two poles, as well as a ball chain. You only need to buy one to hang it from your phone as a charm!”

The potential animal designs for the barricade ends come in six bright candy colors: a green frog, a yellow duck, a blue elephant, a pink bunny and a brown tanuki. While the ad for the barricade toys proclaims that you only really need one, the fact it comes pre-installed with two connective poles means plenty of people will be digging into their pockets for 100-yen coins in order to create a series of interlocking fences. At 200 yen (US$1.90) a try, you could get a whole zoo full of animal barricades!

What can you even do with a very tiny barricade once you have one? Well, like, all miniatures, they make great props for figurines.

Or you can attach them in a long line and twirl them around for your own delight.

Or heck, stick them all together and create a cumbersome fusion charm for your phone or purse.

These will be a great addition to our ongoing efforts to recreate an entire Japanese street in miniature, alongside established classics like the stackable bar sign magnets and the world’s tiniest vending machines.

Source: Qualia via Netlab
Images: Qualia

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