This new Onsen Mask is here to help you soak in the steam, not the germs

A specially constructed mask designed for use in all kinds of public bathing facilities.

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Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward enlists the help of internet cat characters to remind us to wear masks

This new Working Cats x Shinjuku Ward campaign clip draws from cuteness for coronavirus preventive measures.
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Demon Slayer manga creator offers a motivational illustration during the pandemic

The cast of Demon Slayer is the latest to encourage good hygiene habits (not counting the boar’s head) in this humorous illustration.

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Kyoto University dorm pamphlet advises residents on how not to commit sexual harassment

Because some people may have never been told this before.

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Chinese economic crisis is affecting everyone, even people trying to dry their laundry

After several years of unprecedented growth in the Chinese markets, investors are feeling the crunch following the Chinese stock market crash of 2015. While the stocks have still seen overall growth this year, the past four weeks have taken their toll on anyone with money invested there.

A notice was recently spotted in an apartment in China announcing they were closing off certain “high up” areas of the building. You don’t need to be able to read Chinese to figure out that someone is worried that a sudden loss of money can easily lead people to taking drastic measures.

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Police Reported of Suspicious Person Fitting the Description of Police

Sadly these days, we see more and more stories of crimes committed against young children.  That’s why reporting anything out of the ordinary can help save lives.

However, on the Hyogo Prefectural Police operated online crime prevention board, “Hyogo Security Net” a suspicious person report was posted that made several people stop and scratch their heads.  The police seem to have an APB out on themselves.

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