Now you can get some real social distance by… working from home with other people?

As social distancing rules tighten and more white-collar workers are encouraged to work from home, businesses are starting to find unexpected problems cropping up along the way.

Working from home comes with its own unique challenges — there are less opportunities to directly communicate, so instructions are easy to misinterpret or mix up. Work teams can produce cohesive work when they can interact freely with partners and clients in person, but the same team might stumble when separated by screens.

So what steps can be taken to address this? The, uh, interestingly named Native Caravan Co. hopes to mend the rift in corporate synergy with discounted camper van rentals from March 16 through to the end of April.

▼ The model of caravan offered, the Amity, comes with a fridge, microwave, heating and AC, and a mini-kitchen.

Scratching your heads wondering what a camper van company has to offer teleworking companies? Native Caravan Co. has provided a helpful outline for how businesses can use these temporarily discounted rental camper vans to promote healthy, happy working environments amidst a decidedly fraught period:

1. Project teams may use the camper van as a mobile office space.
2. Workers will be refreshed by performing work duties surrounded by natural features such as mountains and rivers.
3. Using a camper van gives your company the ability to meet with clients and partners anywhere in town.

Uh, you sure about that, Native? It seems a little counter-productive to hold gatherings of people in a very small van during a pandemic when the whole point of working from home is to avoid other people.

▼ It could be you and up to five of your favorite co-workers clustered around this tiny table.

Oh, and the discounted offer is only good for weekdays. Because, you know, why would anyone work on a Saturday?

Renters also have to cover the gasoline prices, and they must commit to advertising the caravan company through social media, providing written reports on their experiences.

▼ Can’t help but notice that no one in that cozy outdoor meeting is wearing a mask.

By now you’re probably raring to know just how deep this discount is, right?

Well, ordinarily a 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekday rental for one of these camping vans would cost 15,000 yen (US$135) per caravan — unless it’s peak season, after March 21, in which case the rental skyrockets to 30,000 yen (US$270). But during the discounted period, due to the desperate times we’re facing because of the coronavirus, a single day’s rental will only cost:

10,000 yen. Plus tax.

What a steal!

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Source, images: PR Times
Top image: YouTube/Native Caravan

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