Katy Kelly

Katy has been enamored with Japan since she was a kid in Cheshire, England watching Digimon on old VHS tapes. Later, when she got into the Japanese independent music scene, she discovered it was so hard to learn anything about her favorite bands in English that she may as well start studying Japanese. After a year abroad at university in Tokyo she decided to return and work in the Kansai area, where she achieved minor superstardom amongst elementary and middle school students for knowing how to draw Crayon Shin-chan when prompted. In her free time, Katy can be found at home, tracking down the latest chocolate mint additions to stores and studying Japanese while her enormous tuxedo cat tries to smother her. She also does part-time translation for her own benefit, which mostly means researching the minutiae of mobile games or reading manga before anyone can spoil them for her. http://moonlitemuseum.tumblr.com

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Anime fans rank the top 10 voice actors who get female fans fired up: Is your fave on the list?

Fans across Japan voted in the Anime Grand Prix 2019 to vindicate their very favorite voice actors. Let’s see who they picked!

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Huge anime character balloon terrifies all it encounters, gives viewers a literal tongue lashing

This is a balloon you won’t want to let your children anywhere near.

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Nintendo answers questions on VR, 5G and staying behind the trends: “Our priority is entertainment”

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa and company legend Shigeru Miyamoto addressed some hot topics regarding their future in virtual reality, and blamed extensive research for delays.
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New couple builds a promising life together with 3D-printed plastic model wedding favors

What better way to ensure your guests remember your big day than by giving them a tiny plastic model set of you and your spouse?

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We arrive at Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Chicago to up our game, scout out shinies

P.K. Sanjun is in Chicago to enjoy the weather and catch Pokémon, and it just got cloudy.

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Artistic Japanese website AI has a long way to go before it can appropriately rate user’s Pikachu pics

After seeing how misguided this AI was in its analysis of Pikachu sketches, we had to give it a go ourselves.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan creates abomination out of 2.2 pounds of cheese, we order one immediately

We all dream we could eat a dictionary’s weight in cheese in one serving, but what’s it like in practice? Worry not – we’re here to find out.
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Wise, adorable cat orb charms from Japan gacha machines float ominously wherever you hang them

What is your wallet, bag or desk display missing? That’s right: a frightening and beguiling plastic cat orb.
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Japanese Kyoto matcha sweets look gorgeous on Instagram, feel gorgeous on the tongue【Taste Test】

You have to go all the way to Kyoto to taste these decorative desserts, but a matcha medley this magnificent more than merits the trip!
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Japanese pet owner’s precious cat and hedgehog combo are a perfect prickly pair【Video】

Their hot and cold relationship plays out just like an old Looney Tunes cartoon, and we love it.

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We check out Shinjuku’s video game theme bar and get a neat EXP bonus, enjoy whacky plate-ups

Grab your Virtual Boy and ready your quarters, it’s time to knock back a shot of gaming nostalgia!

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Cup Noodle vs 7-Eleven! We test their new scorching instant ramen cups to see who beats at heat

Between Cup Noodle’s Mega Spicy Miso and 7-Eleven’s Mongolia Tanmen Nakamoto Hokkyoku BLACK, which one left our tongues more of a spicy, shriveled wasteland?

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Japanese Twitter freaks out over cartoonist’s cute cat freaking out over its tail 【Video】

What better way to start the day than by chasing your butt in a circle?
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Japanese tire company’s trendy tire print yukata prints rev back into the limelight

Far from their traditional association with burnt rubber, squealing brakes and gritty endurance, tires lend a spot of delicate geometry to these kimono prints.
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Vegans rejoice! Japanese vegan fair celebrates meatless meat, organic cola, vegan pet food

Just how far can plant-based meat go in terms of taste and texture? Our Japanese-language reporter tests it out in Tokyo.

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Good Couples Day gets our Japanese writer thinking about international marriage differences

What makes for a good couple? Our Japanese-language writer muses on her own marriage to a French husband and its notable quirks.

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A way to savor your anime sweetheart’s scent! Shop clerk helps out a swooning Japanese fangirl

A perfume saleswoman gave this fangirl some great advice to keep her fantasies fueled through fragrances.
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Moisturizing gel from Japan markets itself as though a cat is cleaning you with its drool【Pictures】

Cat fanatics, this one’s fur you! This new all-in-one moisturizer is designed to look and feel like cat spit.
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Amazing laser engraving machine wows Japanese Internet, shows how far science has come

Watch as this laser turns a flat metal surface into a gorgeous, ornate pattern in seconds.
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Monkey Majik and Taiiku Okazaki team up for bilingual Japanese-English track【Video】

What lyrics do you pick out from this funky tune?

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