Katy Kelly

Katy has been enamored with Japan since she was a kid in Cheshire, England watching Digimon on old VHS tapes. Later, when she got into the Japanese independent music scene, she discovered it was so hard to learn anything about her favorite bands in English that she may as well start studying Japanese. After a year abroad at university in Tokyo she decided to return and work in the Kansai area, where she achieved minor superstardom amongst elementary and middle school students for knowing how to draw Crayon Shin-chan when prompted. In her free time, Katy can be found at home, tracking down the latest chocolate mint additions to stores and studying Japanese while her enormous tuxedo cat tries to smother her. She also does part-time translation for her own benefit, which mostly means researching the minutiae of mobile games or reading manga before anyone can spoil them for her. http://moonlitemuseum.tumblr.com

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A way to savor your anime sweetheart’s scent! Shop clerk helps out a swooning Japanese fangirl

A perfume saleswoman gave this fangirl some great advice to keep her fantasies fueled through fragrances.
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Moisturizing gel from Japan markets itself as though a cat is cleaning you with its drool【Pictures】

Cat fanatics, this one’s fur you! This new all-in-one moisturizer is designed to look and feel like cat spit.
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Amazing laser engraving machine wows Japanese Internet, shows how far science has come

Watch as this laser turns a flat metal surface into a gorgeous, ornate pattern in seconds.
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Monkey Majik and Taiiku Okazaki team up for bilingual Japanese-English track【Video】

What lyrics do you pick out from this funky tune?

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User’s custom iPhone case imbues it with Fallout-style gritty chic, Japanese industrial aesthetic

When choosing the perfect phone case, why not go for one that’s already survived the wear and tear of the industrial age?

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Man wins Japanese Twitter’s “big regret” meme by being power-kicked by his own baby

We’ve all had a big mess-up in public, but few of us have taken a photo of our infant son high-kicking the snot out of our face.

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Hand-made…hands?! Japanese girl has the perfect, horrible solution to going to the movies alone

Have you ever felt a little…lonely at the cinema? Don’t worry, you can bring your own hand to hold.

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We order a craft beer at the combi conbini standing bar near Hakata Station【Pictures】

Pop into this Poplar store to buy convenience store snacks and quaff a craft beer in the same place!

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New Hunter x Hunter escape room has you take the Hunter exam, snack on anime-tastic food

You too can be a hunter like Gon and Killua by enrolling in the Hunter exam escape game!

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Random act of kindness in a Japanese toilet cubicle has us reaching for tissues

If you’ve ever been stranded and desperate in a public bathroom, you’ll recognize the enormity of this stranger’s kindness.

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Hello Kitty celebrates her 45th anniversary at Sanrio Expo 2019 with cute plush and goods

We were on the scene to snap up shots of all the star-studded Sanrio stock!

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Japanese Twitter falls in love with trash cat who jumps out of trash can【Video】

You’ll never have any need for a jack-in-the-box with this cute cat and a flip-lid trash receptacle!

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New Yahoo! News Juice bar in Harajuku squeezes headlines to make your free custom drink

The latest pop-up Tokyo juice bar grants you a custom juice based on a Yahoo! News article, its comments and post date!

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User edits Dragon Ball Z SFX and music into Apex Legends, everyone memes in response

A Twitter user made a great video, turning an FPS game into a Dragon Ball battleground. But that darned choice of music…!

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Super cute Japanese kitty takes a little sip and a shower all at once 【Video】

This cat has some difficulty learning how to drink from the faucet, and it’s too cute to bear!

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Japanese grandpa swings golf club so hard it sets field alight, onlookers yell “fire” not “fore”

If this steel-swinging senior was in an anime, we know what his ultimate move would look like.

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Fujiya’s new Mille-Feuille Burger spreads Japanese sweet tastes on crunchy, creamy cake buns

The monarch of milky munchies has managed to mix mille-feuille with all manner of classic Japanese treats!

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Kyoto University’s “Professor Orita” statue’s latest update: Orga Itsuka from the Gundam anime

This strange tradition sees a a founding professor’s statue vandalized every year, and now we get Iron Blooded Orphans action!

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Adorable Pokémon Coo’Nuts toys spin onto shelves with 16 cute, random peanut designs

These tiny toys take all your fave ‘Mons and turn them into cute spinning peanuts!

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We take a trip to the adorable Doraemon station and soak up the adorable kitty robot anime decor

Noborito Station on the Odakyu Line got a Fujiko F. Fujio facelift! We take a trip through the Anywhere Door to check it out.

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