If you’d rather be closer to the shining sea than the bright lights of the big city, and you’re willing to do some social media posting, this deal is for you.

There’s definitely an appeal to living in one of Japan’s bustling big cities. However, there’s also an undeniable appeal to the more relaxed daily life in the country’s smaller towns, especially one near the coast with nearby beaches, surf spots and fresh local seafood.

So if that sounds like the ideal accommodation for you, you’ll be happy to hear about Hobimo, a new house rental service that recently launched in Japan focusing on properties in seaside towns.

Hobimo currently offers rentals in Chiba, Shizuoka, Yamagata, Hyogo, Kochi, and Miyazaki Prefectures, and is looking to add locations in Kanagawa and Tokushima soon. The homes aren’t super fancy, but their cozy, rustic vibe should mesh well with the laid-back lifestyle of the communities in which they’re found.

But the most amazing thing is the cost. Each property can be used for up to 30 days at a cost of just 40,000 yen (US$363), which includes utilities. Add in the fact that you’re allowed to share the rental with one other person, and the per-person price drops to just 20,000 yen for each of you if you’ve got a travel companion.

And even that isn’t the rock-bottom price Hobimo is offering. The company is currently recruiting “monitors,” a term used in Japan for people who try out a company’s service and give feedback interviews and, in this case, make social media posts about it. Hobimo is looking for 10 monitor groups (up to two people each) to stay in their properties in Chiba for three months, during which they’ll be charged just 20,000 yen monthly for the house.

Applications for the monitor program can be made online here, while a complete list of currently available properties can be found here.

Source: Hobimo, Waval
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