Ever wanted a dancing and programmable idol robot? Now you can have one.

You may have seen real-life Japanese idol singers, idol anime series, or even idol holograms, but have you ever seen an idol robot figurine? That’s exactly what Japanese company Speecys–the company that makes life-sized waifus–is offering in their new robot figurine MOFI17-Cute.

It’s a 40-centimeter (15.7-inch) tall figure that uses 3-D skin, 20 movable and programmable parts, and high-spec software to allow the figure to dance and sing to songs. It uses the MikuMikuDance software (the same one used to animate Hatsune Miku) to turn video files into dance programs that the robot will then act out. Pretty insane, right?

▼ Here’s just one example of the dances the figurine can perform.

In the video, you can see how the robot moves in its “naked” state, then parts and clothes are slowly added to it to produce an adorable vision of what your personal idol figure could look like. The figure can move its neck, arms, legs, feet, and more; and the base even helps it move up and down!

MOFI17-Cute doesn’t come with clothes and wigs, but it does come with skin, all the connective cords you need to operate it, and more. And of course, it’s not going for a cheap price: just one of these dancers costs 300,000 yen (US$2,836), and there are only 20 available for the first batch.

▼ How would you dress yours?

But with that hefty price tag also comes a thriving community! Speecy’s will hold or coordinate events that will connect other MOFI17-Cute users, unveil new costumes and updates, and more. It might mean more temptation for your wallet in the long run, but it’s exciting to know that your journey doesn’t stop at just buying the figurine.

Since we may be without big idol shows for a while, why not buy the next-closest physical thing to seeing your favorite singers live?

Source, images: @Press
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