Japanese company Volks has been making Super Dollfie dolls for more than a decade. The ball-jointed doll-figures are designed to be fully customisable, with removable wigs, interchangeable appendages and resin parts that can even be sanded for reshaping.

One Super Dollfie fan has taken the concept of customisation to a whole new level by melding the cute doll parts with robot skeletons, which allows the dolls to dance, play violins, and take part in some awesome samurai-style katana swordplay.

Called Dancing Doll, this series of lifelike figurines has been developed and refined by hobbyist and YouTube user RozenZebet, who has been customising these dolls for almost a decade. His work has been displayed at a number of large “Doll Party” collectors’ events in Tokyo, and some amazing clips showing off the girls’ impressive range of skills have racked up thousands of views on YouTube.

To see his katana sword-swinging girls in action, check out the short video below.

The precise movements and synchronised motions are all thanks to their unique inner anatomies. Custom-built robotic parts act as the central nervous system for each 60-centimetre (23.6-inch) tall doll.


While their bare bones construction has them looking like futuristic bionic women, the doll parts, costumes, and props give each girl an individual attitude. The characters that emerge range from traditional Japanese dancers and shrine maidens to cute cosplayers, violinists, and famous pop stars.


▼ There are plenty of “Katana Joshi“, “Sword Girls“, in the range.


▼ There’s even an appearance by Japanese vocaloid Hatsune Miku!


Take a look at Hatsune Miku’s adorable performance below.

And to see a traditional Japanese dance with fans, check out the following clip.

To find out more about the unique dolls, be sure to visit the Dancing Doll website. With girls as talented as these, we hope they’ll be produced for the mass market soon, and we can’t wait to see how far they evolve in the future!

Source: Culture Lab
Top Image: YouTube/RozenZebet (edited by RocketNews24)

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