Trail of visible pee stains on the carpet temporarily suspends 24 Hour Television charity event programme.

If you’ve ever peed yourself laughing in public, then spare a thought for Japanese comedian and YouTube personality Haruka Fuwa, who recently urinated while laughing during a live broadcast.

The incident occurred during a livestream of Nippon TV’s 24 Hour Television Love Saves the Earth, an annual charity telethon that raises money for social welfare, environmental protection, and local and global disaster recovery. A summer mainstay for the past 42 years, this year’s 24 Hour Television was broadcast on 22-23 August, and Fuwa, or “Fuwa-chan” as she’s commonly known, made an appearance on the accompanying livestream from the show’s “Special Donation Room”.

During her appearance, one of the people in the room with her cracked a joke that made Fuwa-chan burst out laughing. In fact, it made her laugh so much it broke the pee barrier, and once it started, she couldn’t stop, as urine dripped down her legs and onto the carpet.

▼ One of the female presenters got down in front of her and shielded the flow with a large notepad.

One of the male presenters jumped up and held his arms up in front of the camera to conceal what was happening, jokingly saying “Don’t look!” And as all the other presenters jumped up and started laughing themselves, the broadcast suddenly cut off and was replaced with a “Stand By – Broadcast Temporarily Suspended” screen.

The show resumed a short while later, with Fuwa-chan’s chair empty alongside a visible trail of pee on the floor. She wasn’t gone for long, though, as she returned about 90 minutes later to finish her appearance as scheduled.

While an accident like this would leave most people red-faced and humiliated, Fuwa-chan, who’s known for her candid, effervescent personality, took it all in her stride, posting an apology on Twitter shortly afterwards that read:

“Today, I laughed too much during the live online broadcast of 24 Hour Television and totally wet my pants, stopping the broadcast. I’m really sorry.”

Looking back at Fuwa-chan’s past reveals this isn’t the first time she’s peed herself laughing in public, as the 26-year-old previously wet herself when laughing at a comedy partner’s ad lib during an audition when she was younger.

Luckily, Fuwa-chan’s incontinence hasn’t presented itself as an issue during many of her other onscreen appearances, though, which range from introducing her 719,000 subscribers to her “second hometown” of Los Angeles, where she lived for two years as an elementary school student, not long after she was born in Tokyo’s Hachioji

…Through to this video, where Fuwa-chan speaks in English for foreign residents of Tokyo as part of the city’s efforts to combat COVID-19.

While many viewers said this was the first time they’d ever seen anyone pee themselves during a live broadcast, Fuwa-chan’s on-air blunder hasn’t been all bad. Not only has it brought her some extra publicity and exposed her to a much wider audience than ever before, its also started up a discussion about incontinence amongst people online.

As it turns out, peeing yourself while laughing isn’t as uncommon as people might think, but if you’ve been holding on for a while and the floodgates are threatening to open, then it might be time to invest in some incontinence support, and Japan has plenty of options to choose from.

Source: Hachima Kikou 
Featured image: Pakutaso
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