Pick a button, any button!

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan, offering all of life’s essentials such as bottles of Sriracha hot sauce and fresh, crunchy bugs.

In the winter though, they can be hard to trek to when snow piles up around them, since unlike regular stores they don’t have people shoveling or plowing the spaces around them.

But at least once you’ve finally walked out the vending machine in your boots and jacket, ready to get your hot drink, you should be all set… right?

That’s what we thought, until Japanese Twitter user @hotateyasan shared this photo:

“Vending machine gacha.”

Gacha games are ones where you put in money and you’re given a random prize, so you’re never quite certain what you’ll get. And that basically sums up what’s going on here!

Thanks to the frost, it’s impossible to tell which drinks are which in the vending machine. Despite that though, it’s still working as you can see with the green text on the small display screen. So you’re welcome to insert a random amount of money, press a random button, and see what surprise comes out!

Some might claim that you could just wipe the snow off, but depending on how icy it is, brushing away the frost might not be possible. If it’s solidified, than nothing less than an ice scraper and a lot of elbow grease will let you see what prizes lie inside. And why go through all that effort just to have all the fun sucked away anyway?

Japanese netizens mostly delighted in seeing the real-life gacha game:

“I would trust my instincts and drink whatever came out.”
“How is it even still running? lol”
“If it’s one you’ve used often, you could just remember which button to press.”
“Hopefully the drink isn’t too cold, haha.”
“Looks like fun!”
“What a hardworking Vending Machine-Kun, persevering despite the cold!”

▼ Of course all of this depends on whether or not the money slot is even working.

I don’t know about you, but I think the only item worth getting out of a frozen machine like that would be a piping hot roasted sweet potato.

Either way, we just hope that this is a regular, automatic vending machine and not one with a freezing cold old woman inside of it, operating it manually with her puppet.

Source: Twitter/@hotateyasan via My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@hotateyasan
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