Living in a snowy place is tough, but can be gorgeous too!

Hokkaido, Japan’s northern-most island, is famous for a variety of things, particularly melons, bears, being really snowy. For many people, just hearing the word “Hokkaido” will instantly transport their thoughts to some sort of winter wonderland.

In fact, people from all over Japan flock to see Hokkaido’s chilly beauty, especially in February for the annual Snow Festival. It’s such a popular place that it’s even been ranked as the most desirable place for Japanese people to live.

To show off Hokkaido’s beauty, Twitter user and Hokkaido native TAK often shares pictures he takes of the prefecture’s snow-covered scenery, such as these:

TAK’s most recent post, however, was a little different from his usual shots of the natural beauty. It was a picture of a Japanese payphone, Hokkaido-style.

“Living in a snowy place is tough, huh. This looks kind of cute though lol”

The payphone in the middle of a blanket of fluffy snow has a nice, wintery cap on the top, with the lights shining from inside giving it almost an ethereal glow.

TAK’s picture of a payphone got Japanese netizens talking. For some, this was their first time seeing what living with heavy snow was really like. For others, the snowy payphone only furthered their fantasy image of the island, with many making comparisons to video games.

“This looks like a trap. Once you enter, you can never leave!”
“Living in a snowy climate must be tough, but you’re able to get beautiful scenes like this.”
“It kind of looks like the payphone is an entrance to another world.”
“If the snow on top falls down when you’re inside the payphone, you’re done for.”
“I thought it was some kind of stylish hotel.”
“Looks like whipped cream. Yum!”
“It feels like I’m looking at some sort of modern art!”

Many users commented on how it looked like a save point from a video game.

TAK’s tweet got other Twitter users living in Hokkaido to share their experiences with the heavy snow, including this tweet:

▼ That’s certainly one way to keep a vending machine’s drinks nice and chilled.

Hokkaido’s wintery climate certainly makes for some beautiful scenery. If you’re into photography, check out TAK’s Instagram, or when it’s safe to do so, head up to Hokkaido yourself and get some gorgeous snaps!

Just don’t forget to wrap up nice and warm, because it’s really cold.

Source, featured image: Twitter@TAK17246558
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