Some are even out now!

If there’s one staple food we’ll always get from a convenience store, it’s rice balls. They’re the perfect snack–not too heavy, with lots of different fillings and seasonings–and come at a really good price. That’s why we love it when convenience stores come out with new rice ball varieties, and we’re even more pumped to see that Family Mart’s latest rice balls even have collaborations with two of our favorite Nissin instant noodles.

There are altogether seven new rice balls in the Spring Omusubi Fair, including two of the Nissin instant noodle-inspired flavors, two flavors from Family Mart’s mega-popular “Gochimusubi” series (which has collectively sold over 200 million units since its introduction), and three from Family Mart’s private brand Family Kitchen. They’ll be released gradually over the next couple of weeks, but some of them are out already, and we can’t wait to try them!

The first one is based on a Nisshin’s highly popular Donbei Kitsune Udon, which is instant cup udon with a fluffy slab of deep-fried tofu on top, a topping included with the rice ball. Donbei is famous for having a different broth depending on what region it’s sold in, and the Dongitsu Omusubi rice ball (185 yen [US$1.41]) is the same; the flavoring used on the rice is different depending on the region, and even the tofu is flavored differently, so we just might have to travel to try them both.

The other Nissin-inspired rice ball is based on Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O, but instead of being made with noodles, is made with sobameshi, a combination of yakisoba noodles and rice. The U.F.O. Koi Koi Noko Sobameshi sobameshi rice ball (160 yen) is flavored with the classic, super-rich Yakisoba U.F.O. sauce and includes the original oil that the yakisoba is seasoned with, so it’ll be like eating Yakisoba U.F.O. in rice ball form.

▼ It’s also round like a Yakisoba U.F.O. bowl, which is perfect.

Next up is one of the Gochisomusubi varieties, so named for being almost luxurious in their garnishes. This one is the Gochisomusubi Ikura Shoyuzuke (278 yen), filled with salmon roe seasoned with soy sauce. As you might expect from the name and the gold-tipped packaging, the ingredients of this rice ball are not your ordinary ingredients. High-quality, double-brewed Honzen soy sauce is used to season the salmon roe, and the highest grade seaweed harvested from the Seto Inland Sea tops it off. You’ll feel like a king eating this rice ball!

These first three rice balls are currently available at Family Marts nationwide, but the next two will be available as of March 28, and one of them is another Gochisomusubi, the Kokusan Kuroge Wagyu no Sukini rice ball (228 yen). Stuffed with tender Japanese Black wagyu beef, once again wrapped in Seto Inland Sea seaweed, this is a luxurious rice ball you will not want to miss.

Also coming out on March 28 is the Spam Musubi Three-Cheese rice ball (288 yen) made by Famima Kitchen. Made with a slab of everyone’s favorite canned meat topped with a slice of cheddar cheese and a mixture of gouda and mozzarella, then wrapped in rice and seaweed, this rice ball is a special tribute to Spam. Sadly, it’s not available in Okinawa…probably because Okinawa Family Marts already have a Spam Musubi.

On April 4, we can look forward to another meaty rice ball variety from Famima Kitchen. The Gudakusan! Chicken Nanban (185 yen) is a hearty rice ball stuffed with chicken nanban, which is fried chicken with sweet vinegar and tartar sauce. With such a hearty portion, this rice ball is sure to keep both your belly and your taste buds happy.

Finally, on the same day, the Kogashi Shoyu Chahan rice ball (140 yen) will also be released. It’s made from fried rice seasoned with “browned” soy sauce–that is, soy sauce that has been simmered on its own until fragrant. This produces a deeper, richer soy sauce aroma that makes this rice ball all the more delicious. Family Mart recommends it as a side to ramen since that delightful browned soy sauce flavor stimulates the appetite and will leave you wanting more. Unfortunately, it won’t be available in Hokkaido.

If you’re in a rice ball rut, you’ll definitely want to pop into your nearest Family Mart and try these new flavors out as they release! Family Mart hasn’t said so, but we can only assume they’re limited-time-only, so don’t wait too long to try them. And if you want some dessert to go along with them, why not try some of Family Mart’s cat-themed sweets!

Source, images: PR Times
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