Layer upon layer of flavor brings you to cheesecake bliss.

So, you want to try Starbucks’ latest frappuccino, but you can never get there before they’re all sold out. Did you know that you don’t have to look any further than Family Mart’s Famima Cafe series to get your frappe fix?

The latest in Famima Cafe’s frappe series is a rich, dessert-like “Chi-zu Cake Frappe” being sold in the frozen goods section for 330 yen (US$2.96). It’s a bit more expensive than your average frappe, but considering its quality, we think it’s worth it.

▼ The flavor and cute red-checkered cup design is produced by Shingo Katori, a former member of SMAP.

As a label at the bottom of the cup explains, all of the flavors inside are based on cheesecake without using the actual thing. It’s made up of four delicious layers: cheesecake-flavored shaved ice, cheese-flavored biscuits, cheesecake-flavored ice cream, and a bottom layer of apple sauce.

▼ A helpful diagram explains it all.

To make the frappe, you need to add milk using one of Family Mart’s machines after you’ve made your purchase. Adding the slightly heated milk and stirring it with a frappe straw is what turns a frozen cup into a delicious and drinkable dessert. When we took a sip, we thought it tasted exactly like someone put a slice of cheesecake into a blender.

▼ The cheese-flavored biscuit bits add just the right hint of saltiness.

But, just as Shingo Katori probably intended, the best part was waiting for us at the bottom. The sweet, sticky apple sauce came at just the right moment when we were beginning to get tired of the cheesecake flavor.

▼ It almost makes you want to grab another one!

These “Chi-zu Cake Frappes” are only available in limited quantities, so stock will vary by store. If you’re curious, it’s now or never!

With this dessert-like frappe series and the visually pleasing Galactica Grape and Fantasy Peach frappes that Family Mart has had in the past, we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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