Rare mouth-watering instant sobameshi combines delightful flavors of yakisoba and fried rice

Why settle for two separate dishes when you can have both in the same bowl?

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Gold-dust topped instant noodles on sale in Japan for the end of Heisei Era

Oh, you eat your noodles without any precious metals on top? How…quaint.

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We make eco-friendly instant noodles from the water in Tokyo Bay

You never know when you might need to make yakisoba with raw water, so why not learn how?
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Does instant noodles cooked with rice make super noodle rice?

Just because two things taste great, doesn’t mean they always taste great together.

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We try the new Pringles instant cup ramen and yakisoba fried noodles from Japan

Which one is tastier: Sour Cream and Onion yakisoba or Jalapeño and Onion cup ramen?

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How to make your own Pringles-flavor instant noodles【SoraKitchen】

Can’t make it to Japan/wait for the official release? Here’s how to whip up a substitute in just a few easy steps.

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Gamer-friendly, non-instant yakisoba you can eat with your fingers【Sora Kitchen】

Make delicious yakisoba rolls you can stuff into your maw, without the use of chopsticks or cutlery!

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Regular cup noodle bowls not enough for you? Try this 2000+ calorie instant yakisoba instead!

One pound of noodles should suffice, don’t you think?

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UFO instant noodles plans to unleash hell of wasabi and mayonnaise

When the suits at Nissin said, “You can’t put that much wasabi and mayo in your noodles,” UFO replied, “like hell we can’t!”

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Quite possibly the greatest food bargain in Japan: tasty convenience store pasta for less than a buck

This chain’s 100-yen pasta and noodle dishes are just the thing when you’re looking to stretch your budget.

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Instant noodle company combines yakisoba noodles with fermented natto bean topping

If you’ve been too hesitant to give natto a try, this may be the way to start!

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New flavor Peyoung instant yakisoba takes a confusingly named herb to the max

Coriander, cilantro, pakchee, or whatever you want to call it, there’s a whole bunch in this new version of the popular instant fried noodles.

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Strawberry shortcake instant yakisoba noodles are set to cause a stir this Christmas

Dessert noodles return to Japan with a brand-new experimental flavor.

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Elevate your next Subway sandwich with the great taste of yakisoba

Our reporter Meg ventures waist-deep in carbs to discover a new way to enjoy Subway — and she may never turn back.

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We try new yakisoba noodles with chocolate sauce (Spoiler: it’s awful)

Food manufacturer Myojo recently released a special version of their popular Ippei-chan instant yakisoba noodles that includes a chocolate sauce topping. We tried it… so you don’t have to.

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Brace yourself – Chocolate-flavored instant noodles are coming to Japan!

Apparently sliced chocolate was only the beginning.

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Japanese stir-fried noodles a huge hit in Kenya

Yaki udon, a Japanese stir-fried noodle dish made with thick, flat wheat noodles, is a popular and much-loved staple of Japanese cuisine. Both yaki udon and yakisoba—a similar dish which uses a thinner buckwheat noodle instead—are cheap, tasty, and readily available from many street food stalls and Japanese-style pubs). So when one of our RocketNews24 Japan reporters read that not only had a yaki udon restaurant opened up in Kenya, but that it was that it was a huge hit with the locals, he just had to check it out for himself.

Read on for our Japanese reporter’s restaurant review as he travels halfway across the world for a bowl of noodles.

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“It all came out?” Debate ensues over whether schoolgirl ad is just talking about mayonnaise

A teen model smiles sweetly at the camera. Deftly using her hands, she produces a considerable volume of white, goopy liquid. Then she turns to the camera and asks, innocently, “It all came out?”

Fetish video, or commercial for mayonnaise-topped noodles? According to some people in Japan, it’s sort of both.

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Can the flavor of instant noodles with cod roe match the intensity of their hot pink package?

Instant ramen gets by far the most attention, but it’s not Japan’s only quick-fix noodle dish. Peyangu-brand instant yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) are available in just about any convenience store, and are an established hit with kids and adults alike.

Similarly, although the country is rightfully known for its scrumptious sashimi, Japanese cuisine also includes several varieties of tasty fish roe, including ikura (salmon roe) as seen at sushi restaurants and popular white rice topping mentaiko (spicy cod roe).

This month Peyangu instant yakisoba with tarako (plain cod roe) went on sale. Unable to pass up this convergence of our gourmet and lazy tendencies, we picked up a couple packs right away.

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Japanese Style Yakisoba Flavored Yakisoba: It’s Confusingly Delicious!

Yakisoba (fried buckwheat noodles) is a standard food in Japanese cuisine which can be found in restaurants, food stands, and convenience stores across the nation served in a variety of ways such as on hotdog buns or in an omelet.

There is also a variety of instant yakisoba noodle packs among which is the decades old Peyoung brand – loved by Japanese people of all ages for its delicious taste and easy preparation.

Occasionally the company releases special flavors like curry and super-hot, but this time they came out with perhaps the most unexpected flavor of all: yakisoba flavored yakisoba.

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