Finding a taste of Taiwan in Japan.

Stranger Taiwanese dishes like Durian Mango Cheese Pizza aside, Taiwanese castella has become a trending treat lately. Our Japanese-language reporter Yayoi Saginomiya heard she could find it at Bamiyan, a Chinese chain restaurant with many branches around Japan, for just 399 yen (US$2.98). She couldn’t pass it up, so she headed out to try it.

Yayoi found the castella on the menu right away and was surprised to find it was offered in two forms: chilled or steamed.

▼ Bamiyan has a touch panel order system, and this is where Yayoi found the steamed version.

She tried the steamed version, which was served to her in a miniature bamboo steamer. Yayoi felt like she was in Taiwan already.

▼ The dish came with a side of honey to top it off.

▼ Look how fluffy and steamy it looks!

She wasted no time in drizzling the honey over the castella and getting ready for a taste test.

▼ Yayoi couldn’t help but smile with anticipation.

While typical Japanese castella tends to be denser and moister, Taiwanese castella is light and fluffy, almost like a soufflé.

▼ When Yayoi took a bite, it practically melted in her mouth.

The eggy flavor and sweetness of the honey paired together perfectly, and even the scent of the bamboo steamer contributed to the tasty experience.

▼ Yayoi is confident that this is a dish that everyone would enjoy.

It may look like a large portion from the pictures, but since it’s so airy and melty, it was a piece of cake for Yayoi to polish it off by herself.

▼ It’s the perfect companion for a pot of tea.

Whether you want a taste of Taiwan while in Japan or have a craving for something light and sweet, stop by Bamiyan and try this castella! Yayoi is excited to go back and try the chilled version next. Maybe she can take it home and make it into the fluffiest castella French toast ever.

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