The Yamato Kimono x Snow Peak collaboration returns with a new line of durable, breathable kimono for outdoor adventures.

Just in time for vacationing in the warmer months ahead, longstanding kimono maker Yamato Kimono and outdoor lifestyle creator Snow Peak have teamed up to release a new line in their Outdoor Kimono collaborative collection on April 14.

The four new kimono and haori (kimono jackets) are designed to accommodate active, outdoor lifestyles, especially when out in the wilderness this summer. Made variously from lightweight and flame-resistant materials, the main focus is on functionality. They also incorporate Snow Peak’s Quick Dry technology with breathable “air vents” incorporated into the fabric. Here’s the lineup in more detail.

Printed Breathable Quick Dry–Khaki color (46,200 yen [US$345.20])

Featuring the first botanical pattern in the Outdoor Kimono series, this khaki offering is made from recycled materials and rayon. The workwear-like belt also adds a touch of casualness.


Breathable Quick Dry–Aspalt [sic] color (42,900 yen)

This kimono with a classic basketweave pattern comes in a deep, solid asphalt color.

Takibi Light Ripstop–Black or Navy colors (44,000 yen)

“Takibi” refers to an open-flame, which this kimono is perfect for wearing around since it’s woven using cotton and the flame-resistant “Kanecaron” acrylic fiber. Its name also refers to its highly durable, rip-resistant nature.

Quick Dry Haori–Black color (52,800 yen)

Pairable with any of the above kimono, this haori features a removable hood and convenient side pockets. It’s lightweight and water-absorbing as well.

All four of the above items can now be purchased from Outdoor Kimono’s online store. The three kimono come in sizes 1, 2, S, M, L, XL, while the haori is custom-order only.

If you’re looking for something a little less durable and a little more cute, perhaps these Studio Ghibli summer kimono will be of interest instead.

Source, images: PR Times
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