Simple recipe upgrades the classic carbonara pasta to stretchy proportions.

Mochi might be one of the deadliest snacks in Japan, but there is a big reason why the stretchy dish still remains a classic favorite: you just cannot get enough of its addictive squishiness.

But Japanese-language reporter Saginomiya Yayoi from sister site YouPouch wanted to elevate the humble mochi to divine levels, simply by introducing a unique zing in the form of carbonara sauce. She had not done it before, but a Japanese recipe website assured her it would be simple to cook.

▼ She gathered some mochi, bacon, an egg, cream
powdered cheese, salt, and black pepper.

▼ Slicing up the bacon into 1 centimeter (0.49 inch) pieces and setting it aside,
Saginomiya then mixed one egg yolk, cream, and cheese in a separate bowl.

Next, she placed the bacon, mochi, and a splash of water in a deep bowl before heating them up in a microwave. Once the mochi has expanded, she drained away the water and poured the cream mixture on top.

▼ Sprinkle on some salt and freshly cracked black pepper,
and the carbonara mochi was done!

Saginomiya was rather proud of her work. Not only was the recipe quick and simple, cooking utensils were kept to a minimum and that meant less cleaning up after. In fact, she reckoned that any carbonara recipe would be go perfectly fine with mochi.

Digging in, she found that the blend of rice cake stickiness and cheesy sauce paired extremely well, instantly transforming a favorite Japanese dish into something heavenly.

▼ Pasta lovers, take note.

Saginomiya was glad to add another amazing dish into her arsenal of recipes, hopefully paving the way for more fusion cuisine endeavors. Her only regret was that she should have discovered this earlier. Now would be a perfect time to make that decadent fried mochi ice cream people had been raving about.

Source: Sato Shokuhin
Images: ©SoraNews24

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