Hakone onsen facility continues to think outside the box.

The water isn’t the only thing that makes a good hot spring resort. Sure, the bath is important, but so too are the sights and sounds you experience while soaking in the tub or relaxing outside of it. That’s why the best onsen (hot spring) designers will incorporate natural scenery, beautiful murals, and even consider the sounds of the wind in the trees and the water flowing into the bath.

And then there’s Kanagawa Prefecture’s Yunessun, who’s taking the bold course of adding the sights and sounds of Godzilla to its hot spring facility.

Yunessun, which is located in the mountain hot spring town of Hakone, is welcoming the King of the Monsters as part of the celebration for Godzilla Minus One, the upcoming latest instalment in the Japanese-made Godzilla movie franchise. As of October 20, visitors can soak in a pitch-black Godzilla Baths, under the watchful, wrathful gaze of the creature.

▼ As Yunessun is one of the rare major hot springs in Japan where bathing suits are worn, bathers are free to snap selfies with Godzilla.

Yunessun also has a cave onsen bath, which usually has a serenely mystical atmosphere. It’s going to feel quite different, though, during its current Godzilla Invasion Cave version, where your soak is accompanied by the sounds of Godzilla roaring, the thunderous stomp of his feet and the Godzilla theme song.

▼ The management asks that parents exercise judgement in choosing whether or not to bring young children into the Godzilla Invasion Cave, as it may be frightening for some little tykes.

Godzilla will even be showing up in the sauna, with a special roaring loyly steam emitter at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. daily.

Yunessun is best known for its whimsically quirky hot spring innovations, like its chocolate and maple syrup baths. It’s not afraid to get horrific and freaky, though, as it’s previously created a blood-red Evangelion LCL bath and also briefly teamed up with murderous ghost Sadako from The Ring.

Godzilla Minus One opens in Japanese theaters on November 3, and he’ll be sticking around Yunessun until January 8.

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Source, images: Yunessun
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