Sadako outbreak included free admission for cosplayers.

We tend to associate fear with cold. We describe someone as breaking out in “a cold sweat” in intensely suspenseful situations, and even the word “chilling” is another way of saying “scary.”

But recently, one of Japan’s most famous horror icons paid a visit to one of the country’s most popular hot springs, as The Ring’s Sadako appeared at Yunessun in the town of Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture.

More accurately Sadakos appeared. That’s because of a promotional partnership between the Yunessun facility and Sadako DX, the recently released latest installment in the Ring franchise, Without spoiling too much, in the movie Sadako’s curse begins to spread via social media platforms, with multiple copies of the supernatural entity popping up all over Japan. During the Yunessun event, multiple members of the staff were dressed as the character, and free admission to the hot spring facility was offered to customers who showed up at the entrance in Sadako cosplay, defined as a white dress and flowing, face-covering black hair (wigs permitted).

Yunessun also had a special photo corner (pictured above) set up where you could do your best Sadako impression, and even offered a Sadako DX Bath Powder in its gift shop, for those who wanted to feel the presence of Sadako in their baths at home too.

Along with celebrating Sadako DX’s October theatrical release, the event was part of Yunessun’s Halloween festivities, taking place from October 29 to 31. Yunessan does still have a pitch-black Sadako bath in operation, though, until November 6

▼ Sadako, inspecting the bath on its opening day

And if you’re in Tokyo, don’t worry, she’s still haunting the Sadako taxis driving around Japan’s capital…or do worry, depending on how you feel about vengeful murder spirits.

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Source, images: PR Times

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